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People with disabilities want the same things that everyone else wants. People with disabilities want to be treated the same way as everyone else. These rights are guaranteed under the law. When employers or other institutions fail to make reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities, it is time for an experienced employment discrimination lawyer to step in and fight. Carter Law Offices represents persons with disabilities who have been denied equal treatment or accommodation in employment, education, transportation or housing.

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Disability Cases Often Revolve Around Reasonable Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA) require employers to make "reasonable accommodations" to employees and job applicants with disabilities, so long as the accommodation is not an "undue hardship" for the employer. In short, if you have a disability, but are able to perform a job with the help of reasonable accommodations, employers are by law prevented from discriminating against you. Often, employers will claim that any accommodations to a disabled employee would impose an undue hardship.

That is where our employee rights lawyers come in. Carter Law Offices has an active practice representing people with disabilities who have been denied accommodations in employment, education, or other areas of life. Attorneys with our firm were among the first lawyers in the United States to devote a law practice to enforcing the rights of people with disabilities. We have successfully litigated disability claims in several states. Our firm is proud to receive regular referrals from highly regarded institutions such as the Epilepsy Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

In short, we know what is necessary to bring a successful claim under these laws. We understand what evidence to look for, and we understand how to successfully fight for full compensation, in both negotiations and in trial.

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