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Retaliation in the Workplace is Illegal. Carter Law Offices is on Your Side.

We see it time and time again. An employee makes a complaint to his or her employer about some kind of illegal action. Maybe an employee brings a complaint about discrimination in the workplace. Perhaps an employee is suffering from sexual harassment. Unfortunately, instead of investigating the complaint and doing something about it, the employer fires the employee who makes the complaint. Retaliating against an employee for reporting illegal conduct to his or her employer is illegal under a number of state and federal laws. The attorneys of the Carter Law Offices have for many years helped victims of retaliation throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. contact our Kansas City office today.

We often bring retaliation claims along with discrimination, sexual harassment or other claims against an employer. In order to win a retaliation claim, it will be necessary to prove that you suffered some kind of adverse action as a result of the complaint, whether it was termination, demotion, or another action.

In Missouri, recent court decisions make it easier for employees to win certain retaliation and whistleblower claims. If an employee is fired for reporting illegal conduct, the employee must show that reporting illegal conduct was a "contributing factor" to the termination. You can depend on Carter Law Offices. Attorney Doug Carter and our law firm will not be intimidated by large employers, major corporations or government entities.

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