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When you are most in need, you put trust in doctors, nurses and medical staff to help you in an emergency situation. It is a medical professional's duty to provide care with the utmost responsibility and with attention to detail. They are required to act fast, under pressure and look out for a patient's best interests. When someone does not adhere to the duties of their job, an innocent person can suffer the consequences.

Our medical malpractice team is here to hold those individuals accountable. We are the attorneys at Carter Law Offices and our law firm has been helping individuals since 1996. Doug Carter is a trial attorney with 30 years of experience, including experience as a former personal injury defense attorney. Today, he uses his skills and knowledge to help his clients gain the financial compensation they deserve.

Emergency Room Negligence

Medical malpractice in the form of emergency room errors occurs all too often. With hospital employees understaffed and overworked, many different negligence errors can occur. These can cause injuries and illnesses that could have been prevented with proper care. Common forms of negligence occur because of the following situations:

  • Medication errors
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Falls while at the hospital
  • Premature discharge
  • Failure to monitor the patient's condition

Doug Carter is an experienced Kansas City emergency room negligence lawyer with extensive trial experience. He works with his on-staff team, including a registered nurse and doctor of chiropractic, to quickly evaluate each of his clients' medical cases and determine if he or she has a strong claim. Doug knows how to gather evidence in a timely manner to support his clients' claims and illustrate to a judge or jury how negligence caused the injury or illness. Our first priority is to work to get clients the maximum compensation he or she deserves, and you can count on us for diligent representation.

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