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Missouri Personal Watercraft Accident Lawyer

Sadly, a day of fun can turn to tragedy for Jet Ski accident victims, as people are injured when they least expect it. At the Carter Law Offices, our Kansas City jet ski accident attorneys have handled many cases involving personal watercraft accidents. As experienced lawyers, we know that there are many different types of personal watercraft that can lead to personal injury. These include wave runners, jet skis and SeaDoo accidents.

We represent people who have experienced many different types of injuries caused by personal watercraft:

  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Lost limbs/amputation
  • Injuries to the genitals and rectum
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Why Personal Watercraft Accidents Occur

In many cases, the person or company renting the personal watercraft fails to rent the protective equipment that should be worn while operating it. Without the proper protective equipment, people may become seriously injured or killed if they fall off the machine.

Cases may also involve design defects, manufacturing problems or lack of proper warnings that make personal watercraft dangerous to operate. When we take a case, we conduct a thorough investigation to see if this is a possibility. We often partner with highly-qualified experts who can tell us if a product is dangerous or defective.

Personal watercrafts can also be operated negligently or recklessly by other riders, so that the safety of users is put in jeopardy. If this is the case, we talk with witnesses and conduct depositions to help our clients achieve the best possible results.

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