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Thousands of people are killed in SUV rollover accidents every year. SUVs have a relatively high center of gravity and a fairly narrow wheel base. As a result, these vehicles are often prone to tipping over. In a rollover, the roof of an SUV may crush. Roof crush can cause head injuries, spinal cord injuries or even death to the driver or passengers. If you have been injured, or if you have lost a loved one due to injuries sustained in an SUV rollover, you need an attorney who is committed to helping you through this difficult time.

Carter Law Offices is dedicated to helping injured people across the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. Since 1996, we have focused all of our efforts on helping men and women just like you. Our aggressive, experienced representation leads to successful results in both trial and settlement negotiations. Contact us today.

Many SUV rollovers are the result of a defectively designed or manufactured vehicle. Our law firm will fully investigate the circumstances behind your accident to determine whether vehicle defects caused or contributed to your injuries. Automotive companies hire tenacious litigators to support their cause. These companies will not concede anything unless they are forced to.

That is where our law firm comes in. We will compile all the evidence to support your claim. In every case, we operate under the assumption that we will have to take your case to trial. This is the only way to show those responsible that you are serious about getting compensation for your injuries or losses.

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