Improperly Designed Ramps and Thresholds

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Suffering an injury from a fall can affect your day-to-day life in many different ways. It can create a great number of challenges, including pain, extensive medical bills and stress. If you have recently been injured in a fall accident caused by another person's or institution's negligence, our firm can help you recover the damages and compensation you deserve.

Since 1996, Carter Law Offices has been helping folks throughout Missouri and Kansas in personal injury, premises liability and slip-and-fall claims. Doug Carter is a trial attorney with 30 years of experience and handles all of our injury claims. He fights hard for his clients and makes certain that their needs are met at all points throughout their case.

Premises Liability and Improperly Designed Ramps and Thresholds

Businesses have a duty to ensure that ramps and thresholds are designed and maintained. This includes restaurants, malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels and movie theatres. After years of wear and tear, a ramp can become damaged and not function properly. For disabled or injured individuals in need of those ramps, improper design or failure to maintain the ramp can cause serious injuries. Injuries from improperly designed ramps and thresholds may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Ankle and knee injuries
  • Bruising and scarring
  • Internal or soft tissue damage

Our injury team includes an on-staff registered nurse and doctor of chiropractic. This gives us the legal and medical knowledge needed to handle slip-and-fall claims in the most successful way. We know how to gather evidence quickly so it is preserved and we can help our clients get prompt medical treatment. Understanding the medical side of cases helps our attorney create the strongest argument for our cases.

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