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Involvement in an accident is almost always unexpected, and can cause a number of stresses and strains. After an accident you likely have questions about filing your claim and want to know that someone is working on your side. An insurance adjuster may seem to care about your situation, but they are not looking out for your best interests. At our law firm, we protect our clients' rights.

We are Carter Law Offices and our firm advocates for people who have been injured in all types of auto accidents, such as rear-end collisions, multi-car collisions and T-bone accidents. Our Kansas City, Missouri, firm is led by an experienced legal team, including a trial attorney with 30 years of experience, a registered nurse and a doctor of chiropractic. Because we have on-staff medical professionals, we can best help our clients with his or her injury claim.

What Is a T-Bone Accident?

When the front of a vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle, it is considered to be a T-bone accident. These types of accidents often cause extensive property damage and serious injuries to both drivers and passengers in the vehicles. Drivers or passengers hit from the side may suffer internal injuries, soft tissue injuries, bruising, broken bones or head injuries. Head-on collisions can often lead to head trauma, and head, neck and shoulder injuries. T-bone accidents can be caused by:

  • Slippery or icy road conditions
  • Failure to stop at a light
  • Failure to yield
  • Texting while driving
  • Multi-car collisions

Our T-bone accident lawyer is prepared to stand by your side until your claim is settled or a verdict is reached in court. One of the biggest skills that sets our firm apart is our trial experience. Doug Carter is a veteran in the courtroom and knows how to prepare all cases with meticulous detail so he has a strong argument in the courtroom. No matter how serious or complex your situation may be, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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