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Sometimes we wish that there was a magic button we could push – a restart button that would return things to the way they were before an accident. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, and many personal injury victims find that their lives are permanently changed.

One thing our legal system does, however, is provide financial compensation to personal injury victims. While no amount of money can ever make up for the loss of health, monetary settlements and jury verdicts can give personal injury victims the chance to move forward with their lives. Favorable settlements and verdicts often mean that injury victims can get the medical care and accommodations they need to live the most normal and happiest lives possible.

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Who Looks After You When Your Employer Does Not Play By The Rules?

An employer is supposed to provide us with a safe working environment where we are respected and treated fairly. While we should not have to worry about unwanted sexual advances, discrimination or retaliation for reporting these infractions, not all employers stand by their employees the way they should.

Fortunately, there are legal remedies for people who have been victims of sexual harassment and discrimination at work. You can recover damages from mistreatment and adverse employment actions. The attorneys at Carter Law Offices have extensive experience standing up for the rights of employees.

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Supporting me and believing me. I'm forever grateful for your team. Thank you! Heidi Thompson

Compassionate Assistance

We are genuinely empathetic and compassionate to the folks we meet, partly because many of us have gone through similar experiences ourselves. We know how hard it is to suffer a personal injury and take legal action. We know that by putting the right lawyers on the case, we can make a difference. We are the right lawyers. When you sign an engagement letter with our firm, we are dedicated to making a difference for you.

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“Doug is a rare thing in a lawyer – indeed in any person – he has great courage as well as brains. He worked tirelessly to use his skill to correct a great injustice done to us, and succeeded where most people who not have tried. He is a very good man – and he is also a very resourceful, creative and effective lawyer”

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“Thank you for support me and believing me! I’m forever grateful for your team.”

Heidi Thompson

What Sets Us Apart

Our trial skill sets us apart. Our founding attorney Doug Carter has handled litigation cases for decades. He knows exactly what strategies to use in order to achieve the best possible results in the courtroom. His knowledge and experience helps our legal team handle even the most complicated personal injury cases, including truck accidents, car accidents

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Douglas L. Carter

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