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A look at car accident settlements

When people are traveling from one place to another, they are probably not thinking about everything that could go wrong. If people did that, the fear of a terrible accident would keep them off of the roads completely. Instead, many Missouri residents push the possibility of a car accident to the back of their minds.

How is insurance handled after a car accident?

For those who have been involved in a car accident, there can be a lot of initial shock and trauma. They may have to deal with serious injuries, property damage, police reports and mechanics. On top of all that, they may also have to contact their insurance company or deal with another person's insurance company. Insurance hassles can sometimes become a burden and a source of stress as people try to heal from the damages caused by the car accident.

Understanding how to respond to a car accident

A car accident often happens out of nowhere. People are just driving along when, all of a sudden, the negligent action of another driver causes a wreck. While a car accident may only result in insurance headaches and property damage, it can also cause major damage and significant injuries. When people are not expecting these injuries, they can have a major financial impact.

The dangers and risks of speeding in Missouri

When drivers are behind the wheel, they are responsible for upholding Missouri traffic laws. This includes following all post speed limits. While going a few miles-per-hour over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal, it can cause major car accidents. A speeding, or otherwise reckless driver, may not be able to control the person's vehicle, make necessary stops or avoid collisions, like a driver following the speed limit would.

When do pedestrians have the right-of-way in Missouri?

In a recent blog post, this blog highlighted the story of a pedestrian that was killed when hit by a car during a car accident. According to reports, the pedestrian was a bystander to the car accident that occurred in Kansas City. Unfortunately, similar car accidents involving pedestrians happen all the time in Missouri. Drivers get distracted or simply ignore traffic rules and those around the streets suffer.

Pedestrian killed in car accident on Prospect Ave in Kansas City

When people think of car accident victims, they likely think about the people inside the cars. While it is true that the drivers and passengers inside a car are likely to be injured in a car accident, they aren't the only people that could be involved. Pedestrians, for example, are frequent car accident victims.

What is distracted versus reckless driving in Missouri?

Although the safety features of motor vehicles continue to improve, car accidents injure thousands and claim the lives of thousands more every year. Most car accidents are completely avoidable with at least one of the drivers involved to blame. A growing number of accidents are being caused by distracted drivers who may be acting recklessly.

The importance of yielding the right of way

Driving is a relatively dangerous activity regardless of how safely one drives. Because driving is so dangerous, there are many rules that drivers must learn and apply whenever they take to the roadways. There are many rules of the road spelled out in Missouri state law. All drivers should know that a red light means stop and a green light means go, but not everyone remembers the finer points like how many feet one should maintain between cars or how much room is required to enter the lane in front of someone.

Man finds surprise in arm from 1964 car accident

The effects of an accident can stay with those involved for months, years and, in some cases, a lifetime. Many times, the physical injuries heal first, leaving a victim to deal with the psychological trauma of being involved in a serious accident, which can leave a person scared to even get back in a motor vehicle.

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