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Pregnant women often experience workplace discrimination

Signs indicate that Missouri is well on its way to becoming a right-to-work state, which would essentially mean that as a Missouri employee, you could be terminated at any time and for virtually any reason. There is a major caveat, however. Even if Missouri does move forward with becoming a right-to-work state, state employers may not fire you for reasons that infringe upon your civil rights, such as pregnancy status.

Examples of sexual harassment

You might feel like you are being subjected to sexual harassment at your workplace but are not sure if you have the basis for a legal claim. There are various examples of what constitutes sexual harassment under local, state and federal laws. Sexual harassment takes many discriminatory forms of verbal and physical actions from coworkers and supervisors.

Why you should speak up about racial discrimination

Do you always get the unpleasant tasks at work even though your coworker, who just started, has already been promoted? Does it feel like you're always put on solo jobs in the back room while your co-workers are doing work elsewhere? Do you suspect it's because of your race? If something doesn't smell right, it may be illegal.

Myths of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen in all jobs and industries, and to both men and women. It is a serious offense, and yet 75% of people who experience sexual harassment in the workplace don't report it. One reason for that is that many don't know sexual harassment when they witness it. Alternatively, they don't understand that much of what they already know is a myth.

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