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Speed, failure to stop contributing factors in Kansas City crash

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the state of Missouri. It is not uncommon for multiple things to result in one vehicle colliding with another. Sometimes the weather conditions play a role. In other cases the condition of the road is relevant. Most of the time however, the actions of the person behind the wheel has a bearing on it happening.

Teen drivers and texting not a good mix

Most Kansas City residents are likely aware of issues texting while driving pose. While there are many ways in which someone behind the wheel of a car could be distracted, when cellphones became accessible to the masses, they provided another way in which driver's attention could be pulled from where it should be, the road. According to some experts, texting is possibly the worst type of distraction since it involves three different types of distractions: mental, visual and manual.

State of Missouri creates program to keep roads safer

Automobile accidents that occur in the Kansas City area and throughout the state of Missouri are responsible for inflicting many injuries upon those involved. The extent of these injuries varies depending on the specific circumstances surrounding each car accident. In the worst cases the injuries result in death.

More teen drivers died in 2012 than previous year

There is of course the possibility that any driver on the road could be involved in a car accident. Despite this reality, there are groups of drivers that historically pose a bigger risk of being involved in these types of situations. In addition to the elderly, this group includes teen drivers.

Safety features in many vehicles not made for obese individuals

Minimizing the number of serious injuries and deaths that occur on roads throughout the nation is important to many. In addition to individual drivers, the federal government is interested in doing what it can to keep vehicle occupants safe. Accordingly, multiple safety features are now mandatory in vehicles including the installation of seat belts.

More dead in Missouri car accidents in 2012 than previous year

Throughout the state of Missouri individuals rely upon motor vehicles to get from one point to another. While the use of these automobiles undoubtedly makes life easier, with so many cars and trucks on the road, it is unfortunately all too possible that under certain circumstances, two or more of them will collide.

Delayed defect notification costs Toyota dearly

In 2010, Toyota was fined $48.8 million by U.S. regulators. The fines were levied in response to Toyota's failure to properly notify authorities and respond to safety hazards including defective floor mats, sticky accelerators, steering issues and sudden acceleration of certain vehicle models. The record fine was meant to send a message both to Toyota and other auto manufacturers that U.S. regulators take defective vehicle parts that could lead to automobile accidents very seriously.

Missouri Road Deaths on the Decline, But Motorists Need to Remain Alert

In terms of the numbers, 2011 was better than the previous year for fatalities on Missouri roadways. The numbers are still high, but the Missouri Department of Transportation saw a decline in the number of deaths in 2011.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

Head injuries are common, yet overlooked injuries that can have lasting effects. People who hit their heads in car accidents may report immediate symptoms that subside quickly, while others suffer through debilitating headaches, mood changes and other cognitive issues. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) nearly 1.7 million people suffer such injuries each year. Moreover, emergency rooms receive 1.35 million visitors each year for concussions, with 275,000 requiring hospitalization.

Task Force Recommendations Can be Applied Statewide

The Reducing Accidents on Highway 152 Task Force, established to find ways to reduce accidents along Highway 152, released its conclusions in fall 2011. While the suggestions made by the task force are specific to Highway 152, authorities working to reduce motor vehicle accidents on highways throughout Missouri can learn from the task force's ideas.

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