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Know how to respond if a car defect causes injury

Many Missouri residents know that there is the risk of a car accident when driving in a vehicle. People may believe that negligent drivers, road hazards and other unexpected circumstances can cause a wreck. However, many people may not realize that the danger often comes from within a person's car. Auto part defects and failures are more common than people may realize.

Motorcycles and auto product defects

Many Missouri residents choose to travel the state via a motorcycle. For these people, a motorcycle is not only a fast and efficient way to see the state, but it helps save money on gas and car maintenance. These smaller vehicles are also fun to ride and provide a unique entertainment experience.

How are you notified of a car recall in Missouri?

When people purchase a car, safety is often a major concern. People want to know that the vehicles that they are getting will keep them safe in case of an accident. They also want to know that the vehicles are not going to malfunction and cause injuries. In many cases, people can rest assured that their vehicles have been correctly manufactured and designed. However, it's not unusual for a car manufacturer to find a problem with a car or truck.

Paul Walker's daughter files wrongful death suit

A fatal car accident is always devastating to the families of those involved. People suddenly have to find a way to deal with both the emotional trauma and, oftentimes, the financial repercussions of the accident. In these cases, people may have a lot of questions about why the accident occurred. With an investigation, they may uncover that a defective auto part was to blame for the crash.

Do not let a Missouri car defect ruin your future

When Missourians get behind the wheel of a car, they often expect that other drivers can cause serious injuries. People know that there are many negligent drivers on Missouri's highways and roads. As a result, many people try their best to drive defensively to protect their family from harm.

Federal car safety regulations

Anyone who has driven a car knows that if the car is not operated correctly, it can be dangerous. If people do not focus their attention to driving, they can easily cause an accident. But, inattentive or reckless driving is not the only way that a car accident can occur. Accidents and injuries can also result from auto product defects. If a car is not properly built, it can malfunction, causing serious injuries or death.

What is the lemon law in Missouri?

When people purchase a product, they expect that it will work how it is supposed to. They don't expect it to be riddled with problems or otherwise defective. When it comes to cars, Missouri residents need to know that what they are purchasing will be reliable and safe since an auto part defect can not only cause an inconvenience but can be seriously dangerous.

Defective airbag recall once again expanded

Americans, including Missouri residents, rely heavily on their cars to get them from one place to another. Missouri is a large state and without personal motor vehicles, people couldn't get to their work or to their homes. In order to travel safely by cars, people rely on other drivers. They trust that other drivers are paying attention to the roadways and are not engaging in dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

Additional defective airbags recalled in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, Missouri, victims of defective products should be aware of the rights and legal protections that exist for consumers. Regulators in the U.S. recently reported that another 30,687 airbag inflators were made with an incorrect part that causes the possibility of similar ruptures as the airbags that have already been recalled. One auto maker has added to its previous recall of SUVs because the vehicle model recalled may "[p]ropel metal fragments out of its air bags toward occupants." The latest announcement applies to newer vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that airbags from June 2008 to June 2014 will be the subject of this latest recall. According to the information, "an incorrect outer baffle could cause the unit to rupture." The most recent recall appears to apply to two car makers.

Car defects in Escapes and C-Max Hybrids lead to recall

The list of potential causes of car accidents or injury in motor vehicles is almost unending. In some situations, weather or road conditions may be the culprit. In others, it is driver error or the negligence or recklessness of another driver. And in still other cases, car defects may be to blame. Many car companies initiate recalls when dangerous problems or defects come to light, but these recalls do not always happen or may not happen soon enough. As a result, Missouri residents may find themselves involved in an accident or suffering an injury that never should have happened.

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