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Texting while driving continues to be an issue in Missouri

There is no doubt about it, cellphones play a big role in today's society and their popularity shows no signs of ebbing anytime soon. Users not only communicate via verbal conversations, but more and more, texting as well. Activities involving cellphones can be considered distracted driving behaviors which often lead to car accidents.

Motorcycle Awareness: Help Prevent Missouri Bike Crashes

Just about every worthy cause, and even some more mundane issues, have days, weeks or months dedicated to them. Motorcycle Awareness Month this May, however, is particularly important because the riding season is in full swing again.

Missouri House Passes Bill Against Texting While Driving

The Missouri House recently approved a bill that would ban texting for nearly all drivers. Currently, texting while driving is only banned for drivers 21 and younger. The bill has moved to the Missouri Senate.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Aren't You Already Aware?

As Distracted Driving Awareness Month winds down, one must wonder whether such an awareness campaign can really save lives in the Kansas City Area. Just weeks ago, a twenty-something in Central Missouri fumbled with her cell phone as she drove head-on into another woman, severely injuring her.

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