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4 Missouri students injured in bus accident

As summer draws to a close, thousands of Missouri school children are headed back to class. Many of these children will rely on busses to transport them safely to school. Unfortunately, these buses are not immune to accidents. Like all mass transit accidents, school bus accidents have the potential to cause serious damage to passengers and other accident victims.

What steps can be taken to prevent a train derailment?

While many people throughout Missouri and the United States rely on personal vehicles to travel from place to place, mass transit is still widely used. From busses to airplanes and trains, millions of Americans trust mass transit vehicles to get them safely to and from their destinations. In many cases, mass transit vehicles are safe, but when an accident does happen, they can result in serious injuries.

School chooses safety over cost; adds seat belts to school buses

Buses have been around almost as long as cars, serving the ever-important function of transporting large groups of people at once. School buses transport some of the most precious cargo on the planet - children -- and have been doing so since the early 1900's. While there have been many changes and improvements to the school bus, one that has been lacking in many cities and states around the nation is seat belts.

Training could help prevent Missouri bus accidents

Accidents involving buses of all types occur in communities throughout the nation, including Kansas City, Missouri, on a regular basis. Sometimes the buses involved are school buses in the process of transporting children either to or from school. As readers of this blog may be aware, we wrote about once such Missouri bus accident last month.  While these collisions often only result in minor injuries, other times, there are fatalities. This outcome may be avoided through proper training.

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