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Missouri Minimum Wage Increase May Be Decided by Voters

Missouri may be moving closer to enacting a new minimum wage law. Advocates working to put an initiative on the ballot this fall are encouraged by a recent state judge's ruling that approved language for the initiative. If enacted, the law would take effect in 2013.

FLSA Claims Continue to Rise

Most Missouri employers, along with those in the rest of the nation, must comply with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. This law, originally enacted in 1938, laid the groundwork for workplace protections including the 40-hour work week most of us take for granted. It also mandated overtime pay for nonexempt employees who put in more than a 40-hour week. Workers receive time and a half for overtime compensation.

Department of Labor Seeks to Curb FLSA Overtime Violations

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is stepping up enforcement of federal labor law - including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - in order to reduce misclassification of employees. The DOL has been partnering with individual states by signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) which allows the DOL to coordinate enforcement and share information with participating states in an effort to ensure workers receive the protections they have been granted under the law. So far, 13 states are participating in the initiative, including Missouri.

Missouri Firm Files Unpaid Wages Lawsuit Against Satellite Cable Installer

Buying gifts during the Holiday season only serves as a reminder of just how tight Missouri family budgets are this year - cash-strapped families struggle to pay bills in this waning economy. During this supposedly festive time, employers only add insult to injury for some families when they fail to pay their workers what they have earned - for example, unpaid overtime wages.

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