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Car accidents: sometimes, the hardest fights are the right fights

Missouri car accidents hold a unique place in civil law. They are not unique because of the types of injuries that can occur or because of some special method used to evaluate the claims. Rather, car accident claims are unique because the case will likely be defended by a trained insurance attorney, who does little more than defend against auto insurance claims. Attempting to go against an insurance attorney alone can result in low settlements, claims being underpaid or claims being wrongfully denied.

The first 3 elements of negligence

Negligence has an important place in personal injury law as a legal theory applied in many types of cases in which an accident has occurred. Anyone who has observed or been party to a civil case involving injury, usually a car accident, can likely recall how important determining negligence is to the outcome of a case. The theory of negligence, which is the controlling theory in many civil cases, has reached even the highest court in the U.S.

Driving while under the influence in Missouri

Motor vehicle accidents have a profound effect on society as a whole. The loss of life, damage to property and other considerations cost the nation billions of dollars every year. According to the CDC the cost of car accidents per year exceeds $99 billion, which equals about $500 a year per licensed driver. Motor vehicle accidents have a wide range of causes varying from mechanical failure to driver distraction. By far the most notorious cause of accidents are those committed by a driver under the influence of some substance most notably alcohol.

Motorcycle rider fighting for life after street race crash

Motorized vehicles are more than just tools used to transport people and objects from one place in Kansas City to another. Many Kansas City residents have a special connection with their vehicle and have pride in their ownership. The relationship people have with their vehicles may stem from the way it looks to how fast it can reach speeds of 60 mph and beyond. This love has helped found not only customization businesses that specialize in everything from looks to performance, but also events where people show off their and their car's skills. Those who do so on streets, often illegally, are called street racers.

Missouri behind the times in addressing distracted drivers

In the next 50 years the world is sure to change. One likely improvement will be the use of computerized automobile transportation that operates without the aid of humans. Because the vast majority of car accidents are caused by human error, implementation of such a system is likely to save thousands of lives every year. While the work on tomorrow's technology continues, there are still many way individuals and lawmakers alike can help make the streets safer to use.

Child killed in auto accident as car allegedly runs red light

Drivers in Kansas City know that an auto accident can happen at any time, but for most it is not a consistent worry. However, there are times when an accident will happen and the results can be severe with catastrophic injuries and even death. Car accidents can occur due to negligence, drinking and driving, ignoring traffic signals or simply because of unfortunate circumstances. In any event, the aftermath can be terrible for the injured persons and their families.

Two injured in Missouri T-bone crash

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, U.S. drivers aged 16 to 19 have the highest traffic violation and crash rate, compared to any other age group. In a recent accident that took place in southeastern Missouri, an 18-year-old driver allegedly entered the path of another vehicle, causing a crash.

Two teenagers dead after collision in intersection

A community is in mourning after a fatal car accident involving five local high school students. The wreck occurred when a 17-year-old student drove into an intersection, hitting a northbound truck. The 17-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger both died at the scene, while another 14-year-old passenger is being treated for serious injuries. It appears that there was no stop sign at the intersection and the cars may not have yielded to each other as required. The driver of the truck was a 15-year-old-boy who suffered critical injuries. The boy's passenger, another 15-year-old, suffered serious injuries and remains hospitalized. Police are still investigating the crash but say speed likely played a factor in the accident.

Bride-to-be dies while being driven to bachelorette party

Car accidents, by their nature, are seemingly random in nature, happening to distracted and defensive drivers alike. Because the only requirement for an auto accident is a moving motor vehicle, it is impossible to predict when they occur or under what circumstances they occur. It is even less possible to predict whether the outcome of the accident will be a few cuts and bruises, a few broken bones or life-threatening injuries. Even when drivers are following the rules of the road, the risk of an accident is ever-present.

Wrong-way crash seriously injures 2

A majority of automobile accidents in the United States are caused by some form of driver error or negligence. Negligent driving can often have tragic results, especially when a driver consumes alcohol before getting behind the wheel. All too often, innocent drivers or passengers are seriously injured or killed due to another driver's decision to drink and drive.

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