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Trooper seriously injured on highway during traffic stop

Law enforcement officers have one of the more dangerous jobs in the United States. Every day, they face an increased risk of being shot, stabbed or attacked by those whom they approach. But one danger that is often forgotten is that of the average citizen driving to his or her destination. Whether intoxicated, distracted or just plain reckless, citizens have unintentionally injured and killed scores of officers who were just doing their jobs. The issue has grown to such magnitude that many states have created new, harsher laws and penalties designed specifically for people who are involved in such incidents.

Missouri car accident injures three elderly people

Many car crashes are caused by negligence and inattention. Some of the most common car accidents are rear-end collisions because drivers are texting, changing the radio station or otherwise not paying attention and fail to see that the car in front of them has stopped. These collisions are sometimes minor, resulting in only a small amount of damage to the vehicles. Other times, however, they can set off a chain-reaction of collisions or cause serious injuries.

Car accident in Missouri intersection injures three and kills one

Learning to drive is often difficult for new drivers because there are so many things that require drivers' attention and so many risks. Even with years of experience, many drivers fail to pay sufficient attention or believe that they have more control while driving than they actually do. Whether it is from dangerous roads or weather conditions, a distracted driver or a mechanical failure, there are many different causes of car accidents and drivers should constantly be aware to minimize the risks.

Two-car accident in Missouri results in injuries, charges

Much more than only causing physical pain, accident injuries can affect many aspects of a person's life. A person's pocketbook can take a significant hit from the medical expenses and vehicle damages resulting from the crash. Perhaps the person has to miss work in order to recover, again causing that person to suffer financial strains. While legal action cannot do anything to erase any of the emotional pain or health complications that accident injuries can bring about, it can sometimes alleviate some of the financial pain.

Head-on collision demonstrates the lethalness of car accidents

There is no doubt that the cars Kansas City residents drive are safer than those driven in decades past. With numerous airbags, improved breaking systems and greater visibility modern cars offer safety features that Americans of the past could only dream about. While such features have improved survival rates for individuals involved in serious car accidents they can often conceal just how serious some collisions actually are.

Will drugged driving lead to more fatal accidents in Missouri?

Although drug laws have been evolving and changing throughout the country lately, marijuana remains illegal in Missouri. The effects of the legalization of marijuana have still yet to be seen, especially any potential effects on public safety.

Fire truck gets into car accident on the way to a fire

Government officials have put several regulations and laws into place regarding the use of vehicles on the Kansas roadways. Although the government and its employees seek to improve roadway safety, they are not immune from being involved in car accidents. Car accidents can occur between any Kansas resident at any time.

Missouri man injured in head-on crash

It should come as no surprise that car crashes could result in catastrophic injuries. Such injuries may include broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain and head injuries. However, even seemingly minor injuries could lead to serious problems. Missouri readers may be interested in the following article.

80-year-old Missouri man killed in hit and run accident

Car accidents involving pedestrians are always unsettling, but recent statistics may show an even more disturbing trend. Hit-and-run crashes are on the rise. From 2009 to 2011, hit-and-run deaths increased by 13.7 percent.

Missouri drivers should be wary of drunk drivers on New Year's

With the holiday season in full swing, many Kansas City residents may be attending office holiday parties and gathering with friends and family. In addition to the appetizers and holiday cookies, party-goers may also be enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two. While having a drink may be a way for some to unwind or celebrate the holidays, intoxicated drivers can pose a threat to other drivers and pedestrians.

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