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Intoxicated driver causes crash in Missouri

Dangers on the roadway are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the form of weather conditions or vehicle malfunctions, which can be hard to prevent and avoid. Other times, however, they come in the form of reckless or intoxicated drivers. When Missouri drivers or passengers are involved in a car accident caused by another driver, they have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. Certain facts, such an intoxicated driver, can increase the likelihood of success of the lawsuit because it is helpful evidence of fault.

Kansas City a hot spot for car accidents involving deer

Drivers always need to be aware of other vehicles on the road. This time of year, motorists throughout the nation have another thing to worry about when driving. Deer are more prone to jump into the road causing motor vehicle accidents. While these incidents occur in many Missouri communities, the odds of such an incident occurring are highest in Kansas City. The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that between 2007 and 2011, a total of 1,262 crashes involving deer occurred.  This number of crashes is significantly higher than the number of crashes in the next highest community, Lee's Summit. During that same period a total of 265 such crashes occurred there. 

Speed a contributing factor in fatal car accident

Motor vehicles play a big role in the lives of many individuals throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area. Accordingly, cars, trucks and motorcycles populate area roads. Most of the time these vehicles interact without a problem. Sometimes however things happen that cause them to come into contact. When that happens, the result can be devastating.

All drivers can take steps to reduce road rage incidents

Virtually everyone in Kansas City, Missouri who has spent any time behind the wheel of a vehicle has at some point or another experienced how stressful the activity can be. While every driver has a different way of dealing with that stress, it sometimes takes a little time to come to terms with leaving one open to experiencing a bout of road rage. While in some cases road rage results only in hurt feelings before subsiding, other times it leads to something more serious such as a car accident.

Crash with Missouri school bus claims lives of 2

The sudden loss of a loved one is often difficult to handle. When the loss is due to a fatal motor vehicle accident, those left behind may not know how to respond or what steps to take. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash it is possible that they will file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for the incident. Sadly a fatal accident occurred earlier this week in a community located outside of Kansas City.

Collision involving fire engine sends 1 to hospital

Fire engines are often the first emergency vehicles on the scene of an accident. They arrive to secure the scene and help victims in any way they can. Accordingly they are usually a welcomed sight. An individual involved in a recent Kansas City, Missouri crash likely was not quite as happy to see the rescue vehicle. This is because the fire truck was actually involved in the crash.

Kansas City woman on horse struck by car in hit-and-run

Often the car accidents that occur in Missouri involve other vehicles. Other times however, other types of objects are struck by vehicles. While in many cases those object are stationary, on some occasions they are living such as a human or animal. It is possible that the object stuck could be horse and its rider. This recently occurred in Kansas City.

3 children injured when car crashes into child care center

Each day, many parents throughout Kansas City drop their children at day care facilities so they can go to work. In many cases, parents struggle with their decision to do so. In addition to being sad about being away from their children, there is often a worry that their child will be injured in some way while not in their custody. While there are many things they may worry about, it is likely fair to say that few worry about their child being injured by a car hitting the center. Despite this, strange accidents like this do occur. Late last month four individuals were hurt when this very thing happened.

Man accused of causing fatal crash criminally charged

The call that a friend or loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle accident is one that no one is prepared to receive. While an unexpected death in a traffic accident alone is difficult to handle, it is that much worse when the incident is the result of the actions of a driver who never should have been on the road in the first place, such as in the case of drunk driving.

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