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People who work on an hourly basis, or nonexempt employees, who work more than 40 hours in a given week, may be entitled to overtime pay. Although most employers pay employees what they are entitled to under law, other employers look for ways to get around these requirements. For instance, some employers will reclassify employees as "managers", when an employee's actual duties do not involve supervising other employees.

In other cases, employers may not report overtime, or discourage employees from reporting their full hours. The Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits these practices. If you have not been paid properly for the hours you have worked, you may have a legal claim for damages. The Kansas City employment law lawyers at the Carter Law Offices, represent employees throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Contact us today.

If You Have not Been Paid for Overtime, Chances are You are not Alone

Most unpaid overtime cases involve systematic violations by companies and employers. If one employee is not being paid overtime, it is likely that many employees are not being paid overtime. Attorney Doug Carter and our firm will work hard to uncover all of the evidence. For instance, if you and other employees have been misclassified as exempt, or as "independent contractors," we will find all evidence that shows that you have been misclassified and are entitled to overtime. If employers are engaging in other ways to deny paying proper wages, we will find them. Once we have determined the nature and scope of the violations, we will demand all the damages you, and any other co-workers, are entitled to under the law.

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