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Kansas City, Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Blog

Car accident in Missouri intersection injures three and kills one

Learning to drive is often difficult for new drivers because there are so many things that require drivers' attention and so many risks. Even with years of experience, many drivers fail to pay sufficient attention or believe that they have more control while driving than they actually do. Whether it is from dangerous roads or weather conditions, a distracted driver or a mechanical failure, there are many different causes of car accidents and drivers should constantly be aware to minimize the risks.

A recent accident in Missouri at the intersection of U.S. 24 Highway and Missouri Highway 224 involved two vehicles. Three people were injured and one person was killed as a result of the accident. According to the patrol report, the cause of the accident was one car pulling in front of the other car. Unfortunately, the passenger who was killed was a ten-year-old girl.

Over 20 student passengers injured in Missouri bus accident

Mass transit systems, including school buses, were designed to help facilitate the movement of large numbers of people from one place to the next. By taking advantage of public transportation like buses and trains, roadway congestion is reduced and less pollution is produced. However, when accidents occur, such as bus accidents, large numbers of people may suffer serious injuries. If the driver or operator of the bus or train is to blame, the passengers may be able to seek compensation from that driver or the company who employed him or her.

Recently, in northeast Missouri, an accident involving a school bus injured several elementary and high school students. The accident occurred in the afternoon around 3:30 p.m., when the bus rolled over into a ditch. In total, 23 students were injured in the crash, with five of those suffering injuries reported to be serious. The driver of the bus also suffered minor injuries. At this time, the school district has not yet commented on the accident and initial reports did not indicate who was at fault for the accident.

Two-car accident in Missouri results in injuries, charges

Much more than only causing physical pain, accident injuries can affect many aspects of a person's life. A person's pocketbook can take a significant hit from the medical expenses and vehicle damages resulting from the crash. Perhaps the person has to miss work in order to recover, again causing that person to suffer financial strains. While legal action cannot do anything to erase any of the emotional pain or health complications that accident injuries can bring about, it can sometimes alleviate some of the financial pain.

A recent two-car accident in Missouri involved injuries, according to reports. A woman, 26, was travelling north with a 5-year-old passenger in her car when her vehicle veered into another northbound lane, colliding with another vehicle driven by a 41-year-old man.

Fatal Missouri mass transit accident

Many people in Missouri have relied on mass transit at some point in their lives. Whether it is by bus, train or airplane, large numbers of people often move together. While this can save people time and money, mass transit vehicles can be dangerous, if proper safety precautions are not taken to prevent accidents.

Recently, a passenger train headed through Missouri derailed causing injuries. According to reports, the train derailed in Missouri as it was traveling around a curve. It had left the station 25 minutes late, and witnesses claimed that the train appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the accident. As a result of the derailment, two of the trains' engine cars overturned and completely left the tracks. This caused other cars -- including a chair car, two coach cars and a baggage car -- to leave the tracks as well.

New details emerge from GM auto product recall

Americans love to drive. Wide paved roads and planned highway systems allow Kansas City residents to easily commute to work, visit family and friends and run errands. However, car defects unknown to drivers can make everyday driving dangerous or even deadly.

General Motors has recalled over 1.62 million Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles from model years 2003-2007. 1.37 million of those cars are registered in the United States. The recall is related to ignition switches that suddenly turn off engines and disabled power steering, power brakes and airbags. Now, new information has surfaced following the filing of GM's updated chronology of the recall process with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It turns out that GM may have known about problems with ignition switches as early as 2001, which is three years earlier then GM previously claimed to have been made aware of any problems. The faulty ignition switches have led to over 260 consumer complaints filed with the NHTSA, 31 accidents and 12 deaths.

Fallen Missouri Naval officer honored by fellow bikers

The motorcycle community is tight-knit. Bikers get together for rides through rolling plains and wide open stretches of Missouri to share the experience of the open road. They also rally behind their fellow bikers and support one another in times of need.

Recently, a group of bikers gathered to honor a Missouri man killed in a motorcycle accident. The 36-year-old was riding home to his wife when he was struck by another vehicle and killed. Local bikers honored the fallen man by organizing a motorcycle ride to complete the accident victim's ride home. The accident victim served as an aviation maintenance duty officer in the United States Navy.

Head-on collision demonstrates the lethalness of car accidents

There is no doubt that the cars Kansas City residents drive are safer than those driven in decades past. With numerous airbags, improved breaking systems and greater visibility modern cars offer safety features that Americans of the past could only dream about. While such features have improved survival rates for individuals involved in serious car accidents they can often conceal just how serious some collisions actually are.

Unfortunately, serious and deadly vehicle accidents occur with some regularity and remind people of just how dangerous vehicle collisions can be. A recent head-on collision in Henry County claimed the lives of three people and has undoubtedly left their relatives searching for difficult answers to the questions raised from their deaths.

Missouri couple wins $975 settlement in trucking accident

Tractor-trailer trucks seem to tower over passenger cars and can be intimidating to other drivers on the road. The size, weight and speed at which tractor-trailers travel increases the potential for serious trucking accidents. As a result, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed special truck driver regulations aimed to keep truckers and other drivers safe.

One Missouri couple now understands the importance of those federal regulations and is thankful to be alive. The couple was injured when a tractor-trailer collided with their Dodge Ram truck. The couple filed a lawsuit against the trucking company and driver claiming that, although traveling at a low speed, the truck hit the rear passenger side of their Ram. The Missourians claimed that because of the accident they incurred medical expenses and require long-term medical care. Recently, the couple settled their lawsuit for $975,000.

Will drugged driving lead to more fatal accidents in Missouri?

Although drug laws have been evolving and changing throughout the country lately, marijuana remains illegal in Missouri. The effects of the legalization of marijuana have still yet to be seen, especially any potential effects on public safety.

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health recently published a study on drugged driving and fatal car accidents. The study found that fatal car accidents in which marijuana was involved have tripled over the last ten years. In 2010, drugged driving accounted for 28 percent of traffic deaths, an increase of 16 percent from 1999. Based on the findings, 1 in 9 drivers involved in fatal car crashes would test positive for marijuana. The study looked at over 23,500 drivers who died in car crashes from 1999 to 2010. The combination of alcohol and drugs creates even more of a risk. A driver who is both drunk and high is 24 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than a sober driver.

Fire truck gets into car accident on the way to a fire

Government officials have put several regulations and laws into place regarding the use of vehicles on the Kansas roadways. Although the government and its employees seek to improve roadway safety, they are not immune from being involved in car accidents. Car accidents can occur between any Kansas resident at any time.

A recent car crash that occurred in Kansas City reminds of us of this reality. The fire station had just received notice of an apartment fire, and dispatched a fire truck to the scene of the fire. The fire truck collided with another vehicle on the way. No firefighters were injured. The other car sustained damage, and the passenger may have suffered a personal injury. The firefighters called an ambulance to the scene of the accident. Because the fire department was involved in the car accident, the city and the fire department now may face a lawsuit for the damages and injuries sustained in the accident.

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