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Pregnant women often experience workplace discrimination

Signs indicate that Missouri is well on its way to becoming a right-to-work state, which would essentially mean that as a Missouri employee, you could be terminated at any time and for virtually any reason. There is a major caveat, however. Even if Missouri does move forward with becoming a right-to-work state, state employers may not fire you for reasons that infringe upon your civil rights, such as pregnancy status.

Examples of sexual harassment

You might feel like you are being subjected to sexual harassment at your workplace but are not sure if you have the basis for a legal claim. There are various examples of what constitutes sexual harassment under local, state and federal laws. Sexual harassment takes many discriminatory forms of verbal and physical actions from coworkers and supervisors.

How to spot a mail scam

The Nigerian email scam is so popular it's practically a brand, a punch line to a bad joke. For many senior citizens and vulnerable adults, these scams aren't so light hearted. Sure, it's easy to hit the delete button or throw a fishy looking letter in the trashcan for many, but circumstance and mental capacity can put victims in harm's way from a simple trip to the mailbox.

Senior citizens suffering from dementia are a frequent target and promises of easy wealth and a relaxed retirement have a powerfully persuasive pull. Many senior citizens also feel a pronounced loneliness that enhances vulnerability.

Why you should speak up about racial discrimination

Do you always get the unpleasant tasks at work even though your coworker, who just started, has already been promoted? Does it feel like you're always put on solo jobs in the back room while your co-workers are doing work elsewhere? Do you suspect it's because of your race? If something doesn't smell right, it may be illegal.

What is discrimination?

Thanks to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, discrimination against an employee based on race, religion, ethnicity, sex and color of skin is illegal. Discrimination isn't restricted to being hired or fired based on one of those protected classes, though.

Myths of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen in all jobs and industries, and to both men and women. It is a serious offense, and yet 75% of people who experience sexual harassment in the workplace don't report it. One reason for that is that many don't know sexual harassment when they witness it. Alternatively, they don't understand that much of what they already know is a myth.

The dangers of texting while driving and why Missouri's ban isn't enough

While most other states have banned texting while driving for all drivers, Missouri lags behind with a ban solely for drivers under 21. Missouri's attempt to expand that to all drivers in 2015 fell short. This year, the House and Senate have heard testimony on another bill that would ban all drivers from texting while driving in all but emergency situations. If the bill passes, the law will likely go into effect in August.

Why you should support a texting ban

A 2015 survey by Erie Insurance and reported on found that one third of drivers admit to texting while driving.

Know how to respond if a car defect causes injury

Many Missouri residents know that there is the risk of a car accident when driving in a vehicle. People may believe that negligent drivers, road hazards and other unexpected circumstances can cause a wreck. However, many people may not realize that the danger often comes from within a person's car. Auto part defects and failures are more common than people may realize.

Defective car parts, such as tires, airbags and seatbelts, can cause serious, and even fatal, injuries to people within the car. Sadly, these defects are often due to manufacturing errors or design errors caused by car manufacturers. In many cases, car companies fail to take proper precautions to protect consumers from the deadly defects. Sometimes these manufacturers are downright negligent.

Should motorcyclists ride when it's wet?

People choose to get around Missouri in a variety of different ways. Many don't give much thought to their modes of transportation. For others, though, it's important to think about how they will get around during certain times of the year. This is a specific concern for motorcyclists, who often have to think about additional concerns while riding their motorcycles.

While in the summer, the warm dry weather may make it ideal for riding, other times of the year can be more dangerous. In the autumn, for example, the state becomes cooler and wetter, which could potentially create hazards for anyone on the roadways. Those who choose to ride a motorcycle may be wondering whether not they should ride in the rain.

Motorcycles and auto product defects

Many Missouri residents choose to travel the state via a motorcycle. For these people, a motorcycle is not only a fast and efficient way to see the state, but it helps save money on gas and car maintenance. These smaller vehicles are also fun to ride and provide a unique entertainment experience.

However, as many motorcyclists know, driving a motorcycle can come with a variety of risks. Often these risks come from other drivers who fail to notice motorcycles on the road. These drivers are often negligent or act recklessly around motorcycles.

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