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Pedestrian killed in car accident on Prospect Ave in Kansas City

When people think of car accident victims, they likely think about the people inside the cars. While it is true that the drivers and passengers inside a car are likely to be injured in a car accident, they aren't the only people that could be involved. Pedestrians, for example, are frequent car accident victims.

Sadly, a pedestrian in Kansas City, Missouri was recently killed because of a car accident. According to reports, the incident occurred on Prospect Avenue near the intersection with 34th Street at around 4:00 p.m. Police say that the accident occurred when a teenager was driving the wrong way down the street in a Chevy Impala.

A motorcycle accident shouldn't ruin your financial future

Some people ride motorcycles as a hobby, while others use a motorcycle as their primary source of transportation. In either case, these motorcyclists deserve to be safe on Missouri roads. Motorcycles have just as much of a right to use the roadways as any other vehicle. And the safety of a rider should be taken very seriously, especially since a motorcycle accident can have such deadly consequences.

In some cases, riders can take proactive steps to keep themselves as safe as possible. This can include driving defensively, wearing the proper safety equipment, following traffic laws and avoiding inclement weather. However, sometimes much of a motorcyclist's safety lies in the hands of other drivers.

Log truck safety in Missouri

Missouri is a beautiful state with many densely forested areas. While this makes the state a great place to live and visit, it also creates a unique hazard for Missouri residents and others on the road. This hazard comes from log trucks.

Log trucks are trucks that haul lumber from forested areas. There are three types of commercial log trucks. Depending on the specific truck type, the truck company and driver may be required to meet certain licensing and safety standards.

Who is likely to be the victim of a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles are popular with many people in Missouri. The fun and cost-efficient vehicles are perfect for seeing the state, enjoying the weather and getting a thrill. But, they can be dangerous.

While popular culture tends to portray motorcycle riders as members of burly biker gangs, the truth is that people from all walks of life ride motorcycles. This also means that all sorts of people get into motorcycle accidents.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

In the warmer weather months, motorcycles are a common sight on Missouri roadways. These fun, small and fuel efficient vehicles have a lot to offer. People not only love the thrill of the ride, but also the economic advantages of these smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycles come with a lot of risk. In a motorcycle accident, people can suffer serious injuries or death. Motorcycles offer very little protection and even minor accidents can be a huge problem.

Therefore, motorcyclists often need to take their safety into their own hands. By understanding common causes of motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists can work to avoid them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are several common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident kills 1 in Grandview

Summer brings an increased amount of motorcycle traffic to Missouri. People get out to enjoy the sunny, warm weather as they travel around the beautiful state. While riding a motorcycle is fun for most people, it can also be dangerous.

Motorcyclists need to understand that they are at risk when on Missouri roadways. The drivers of larger cars and trucks often fail to look for these smaller vehicles. They miss them as they switch lanes, make turns and enter intersections. This puts riders at risk for serious and life-threatening motorcycle accidents. Even in minor accidents, motorcyclists can end up with very serious injuries.

Do not let a Missouri car defect ruin your future

When Missourians get behind the wheel of a car, they often expect that other drivers can cause serious injuries. People know that there are many negligent drivers on Missouri's highways and roads. As a result, many people try their best to drive defensively to protect their family from harm.

However, these same people may not even realize that they could face danger from their own car. Many cars are riddled with issues that can cause serious car accidents without another car's involvement. Often, these issues are the result of an auto part defect.

Federal car safety regulations

Anyone who has driven a car knows that if the car is not operated correctly, it can be dangerous. If people do not focus their attention to driving, they can easily cause an accident. But, inattentive or reckless driving is not the only way that a car accident can occur. Accidents and injuries can also result from auto product defects. If a car is not properly built, it can malfunction, causing serious injuries or death.

In order to help prevent defective cars from causing injuries, the government has stepped in and enacted certain safety standards that must be met in all vehicles. The Motor Vehicle Safety Law was passed in order to mandate car safety. As part of this law, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was given the authority to issue safety standards and other car-related regulations.

What is the lemon law in Missouri?

When people purchase a product, they expect that it will work how it is supposed to. They don't expect it to be riddled with problems or otherwise defective. When it comes to cars, Missouri residents need to know that what they are purchasing will be reliable and safe since an auto part defect can not only cause an inconvenience but can be seriously dangerous.

In Missouri, legal protections -- commonly referred to as lemon laws -- are in place to help protect consumers. These laws give people protection when their cars have serious defects. Under section 407.565 of Missouri Revised Statutes, manufacturers must replace or repair a car that does not conform to the standards expressed in the car's warranties. However, in order for this rule to apply, the consumer must report the issue during the term of the warranties or during the first year after a new car was sold to a consumer.

Defective airbag recall once again expanded

Americans, including Missouri residents, rely heavily on their cars to get them from one place to another. Missouri is a large state and without personal motor vehicles, people couldn't get to their work or to their homes. In order to travel safely by cars, people rely on other drivers. They trust that other drivers are paying attention to the roadways and are not engaging in dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

However, people also place their trust in car manufacturers. They trust that safety mechanisms in the car are in place and working. This includes important safety features like seatbelts and airbags. These safety features are supposed to help keep people safe should a serious car accident occur. Sadly, auto product makers cannot be trusted any more than other drivers can. Auto part defects are common and often cause serious injuries. In these cases, an auto product liability suit might be necessary to hold these companies responsible.

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