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Motorcycles and auto product defects

Many Missouri residents choose to travel the state via a motorcycle. For these people, a motorcycle is not only a fast and efficient way to see the state, but it helps save money on gas and car maintenance. These smaller vehicles are also fun to ride and provide a unique entertainment experience.

How are you notified of a car recall in Missouri?

When people purchase a car, safety is often a major concern. People want to know that the vehicles that they are getting will keep them safe in case of an accident. They also want to know that the vehicles are not going to malfunction and cause injuries. In many cases, people can rest assured that their vehicles have been correctly manufactured and designed. However, it's not unusual for a car manufacturer to find a problem with a car or truck.

Paul Walker's daughter files wrongful death suit

A fatal car accident is always devastating to the families of those involved. People suddenly have to find a way to deal with both the emotional trauma and, oftentimes, the financial repercussions of the accident. In these cases, people may have a lot of questions about why the accident occurred. With an investigation, they may uncover that a defective auto part was to blame for the crash.

A look at car accident settlements

When people are traveling from one place to another, they are probably not thinking about everything that could go wrong. If people did that, the fear of a terrible accident would keep them off of the roads completely. Instead, many Missouri residents push the possibility of a car accident to the back of their minds.

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