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How can you choose a good nursing home?

There are so many nursing homes available that choosing an appropriate one can be challenging. The majority tend to promote themselves well, perhaps through glossy sales brochures or enthusiastic personal tours. Yet it’s clear that not all of them are as good as they claim.

Nursing home abuse continues to be a significant problem and cause of distress for thousands of elderly residents and their families each year. Here are some tips to help you try and find a good, safe choice.

Talk to residents and their visitors

The staff are unlikely to tell you about problems with the place. They are trying to paint a positive picture. The real-life experience of other customers can help you form a more realistic view of what it would be like to live there.

Check the internet

People tend to post reviews of places they are unhappy with online. While one bad review could be a hiccup or even a false review, a series of bad reviews likely has a grounding in reality. You can also look for reports of particular nursing homes being taken to court or reprimanded by the authorities.

How easy will it be to check on?

Maybe your parents like the look of a particular nursing home where they live. However, if you and your siblings all live in other states, that could make visiting them difficult. While technology such as Skype and Zoom can help you keep in contact, there is nothing quite like an in-person visit to stay in touch and check that nothing untoward is happening.

Despite your best efforts, abuse could still occur, as you cannot be there all the time. If you suspect it, you’ll want to find out more about your legal options.