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Rear-end collision in Missouri kills motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle is highly enjoyable and often exhilarating. However, even the most committed riders will admit that it is fraught with danger. Motorcycle accidents are not infrequent, especially in prime riding season, and unfortunately many are very serious. One of the most common causes of injury or death for a motorcyclist is being hit from a car from behind.

Car accident in Missouri intersection injures three and kills one

Learning to drive is often difficult for new drivers because there are so many things that require drivers' attention and so many risks. Even with years of experience, many drivers fail to pay sufficient attention or believe that they have more control while driving than they actually do. Whether it is from dangerous roads or weather conditions, a distracted driver or a mechanical failure, there are many different causes of car accidents and drivers should constantly be aware to minimize the risks.

Over 20 student passengers injured in Missouri bus accident

Mass transit systems, including school buses, were designed to help facilitate the movement of large numbers of people from one place to the next. By taking advantage of public transportation like buses and trains, roadway congestion is reduced and less pollution is produced. However, when accidents occur, such as bus accidents, large numbers of people may suffer serious injuries. If the driver or operator of the bus or train is to blame, the passengers may be able to seek compensation from that driver or the company who employed him or her.

Two-car accident in Missouri results in injuries, charges

Much more than only causing physical pain, accident injuries can affect many aspects of a person's life. A person's pocketbook can take a significant hit from the medical expenses and vehicle damages resulting from the crash. Perhaps the person has to miss work in order to recover, again causing that person to suffer financial strains. While legal action cannot do anything to erase any of the emotional pain or health complications that accident injuries can bring about, it can sometimes alleviate some of the financial pain.

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