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December 2013 Archives

Missouri drivers should be wary of drunk drivers on New Year's

With the holiday season in full swing, many Kansas City residents may be attending office holiday parties and gathering with friends and family. In addition to the appetizers and holiday cookies, party-goers may also be enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two. While having a drink may be a way for some to unwind or celebrate the holidays, intoxicated drivers can pose a threat to other drivers and pedestrians.

Kansas City bus accident kills 1, sends 1 to hospital

Many people in Kansas City ride the bus to commute to work, run errands or visit friends and family. Hopping on the bus allows riders to avoid the hassle of driving in traffic and save money on gas, while also doing something good for the environment. While riding the bus is relatively safe, bus accidents do occur and pedestrians and passengers may be injured.

Semi truck in seven vehicle crash in Missouri

With the coming of winter weather, accidents resulting from icy and snowy conditions increase. Although accidents always have the potential to be catastrophic and deadly, the likelihood of a serious crash increases when a semi-truck is involved due to its speed, weight and size. There are many causes of truck accidents, including driver fatigue, excessive speed and negligence. When a truck driver is responsible for causing a serious accident, he or she can be held liable.

Potential auto product liability for Tesla Motors?

Many Missouri residents are aware of the risks of driving. They understand that accidents can happen at any time as a result of weather conditions, driver error or negligence and other circumstances. What many drivers do not regularly think about, however, is the risk of car defects and the potential of those defects to either cause an accident or worsen an injury suffered in an accident.

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