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September 2013 Archives

Kansas City woman on horse struck by car in hit-and-run

Often the car accidents that occur in Missouri involve other vehicles. Other times however, other types of objects are struck by vehicles. While in many cases those object are stationary, on some occasions they are living such as a human or animal. It is possible that the object stuck could be horse and its rider. This recently occurred in Kansas City.

Mass transit accident involving bus and train leaves 6 dead

Mass transit has had a great impact on the way that individuals around the world get from one place to another. Depending on where one resides, vehicles such as busses and trains may be used to transport large groups of people. While a majority of the time these vehicles get from one place to another without incident, there are times when they may be involved in accidents. Sadly a mass transit accident occurred earlier this week that resulted in the death of six individuals.

Suspension issue prompts Toyota to issue another recall

It is possible that any defective products could be the subject of a recall. That being said, it seems as though hardly a week goes by without an automobile being recalled. Earlier this week another recall was issued. Toyota is recalling certain hybrid crossovers and sedans for an issue with their suspension that the car maker thought it addressed last year.

Kansas City bus accident sends kids to hospital

This time of year it is not uncommon so see school buses on the roads of the Kansas City, Missouri area transporting children from one location to another. However, even during the summer buses are used. They may be charted by various groups. Last month a school bus en route to a camp was involved in a bus accident. The incident happened just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

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