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Intoxicated driver causes crash in Missouri

Dangers on the roadway are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the form of weather conditions or vehicle malfunctions, which can be hard to prevent and avoid. Other times, however, they come in the form of reckless or intoxicated drivers. When Missouri drivers or passengers are involved in a car accident caused by another driver, they have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. Certain facts, such an intoxicated driver, can increase the likelihood of success of the lawsuit because it is helpful evidence of fault.

Kansas City a hot spot for car accidents involving deer

Drivers always need to be aware of other vehicles on the road. This time of year, motorists throughout the nation have another thing to worry about when driving. Deer are more prone to jump into the road causing motor vehicle accidents. While these incidents occur in many Missouri communities, the odds of such an incident occurring are highest in Kansas City. The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that between 2007 and 2011, a total of 1,262 crashes involving deer occurred.  This number of crashes is significantly higher than the number of crashes in the next highest community, Lee's Summit. During that same period a total of 265 such crashes occurred there. 

Training could help prevent Missouri bus accidents

Accidents involving buses of all types occur in communities throughout the nation, including Kansas City, Missouri, on a regular basis. Sometimes the buses involved are school buses in the process of transporting children either to or from school. As readers of this blog may be aware, we wrote about once such Missouri bus accident last month.  While these collisions often only result in minor injuries, other times, there are fatalities. This outcome may be avoided through proper training.

Speed a contributing factor in fatal car accident

Motor vehicles play a big role in the lives of many individuals throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area. Accordingly, cars, trucks and motorcycles populate area roads. Most of the time these vehicles interact without a problem. Sometimes however things happen that cause them to come into contact. When that happens, the result can be devastating.

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