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Carter Law Offices represents worker in sexual harassment lawsuit against Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

A lawsuit filed in Jackson County Circuit Court has brought serious allegations against Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in Kansas City, where a 23-year-old female employee claims she was sexually harassed and assaulted. Represented by Douglas Carter of Carter Law Offices, the plaintiff asserts that a senior-level co-worker and the restaurant’s corporate management subjected her to sexual discrimination, harassment, retaliation, violation of Missouri’s minimum wage law, as well as common law assault and battery. According to her account, after rebuffing the co-worker’s unwanted advances, she endured escalating hostility, including verbal abuse, threats, and physical confrontations. Reports to management yielded no meaningful response, ultimately forcing her resignation due to the untenable conditions.

Douglas Carter, advocating for the plaintiff, underscores the importance of a safe and respectful workplace, free from harassment and discrimination. We at Carter Law Offices specialize in defending the rights of employees and challenging illegal employment practices like those alleged in this case. Our track record in handling cases of sexual harassment and retaliation demonstrates our steadfast dedication to justice and employee protection.

If you or someone you know has faced similar issues in the workplace, we are equipped to offer expert legal counsel and representation. Our firm is committed to addressing a wide spectrum of employment law issues, advocating for victims’ rights and compensation. Schedule a free consultation with an employment lawyer by calling Carter Law Offices at 816-897-7772.

To read the full article, visit The Kansas City Star website.
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