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Bride-to-be dies while being driven to bachelorette party

Car accidents, by their nature, are seemingly random in nature, happening to distracted and defensive drivers alike. Because the only requirement for an auto accident is a moving motor vehicle, it is impossible to predict when they occur or under what circumstances they occur. It is even less possible to predict whether the outcome of the accident will be a few cuts and bruises, a few broken bones or life-threatening injuries. Even when drivers are following the rules of the road, the risk of an accident is ever-present.

SUV driver dies in collision with school bus

Car accident investigations have come a long way in recent years. Investigators are now able to recreate crashes in not only the physical world but the virtual world as well. Computer programs and equations can now reveal how fast a person was travelling, if they used their breaks and a host of other enlightening information. While this may do little to sooth the pain of victims and their loved ones, it could help determine fault and may even be able to help prevent future accidents.

Wrong-way crash seriously injures 2

A majority of automobile accidents in the United States are caused by some form of driver error or negligence. Negligent driving can often have tragic results, especially when a driver consumes alcohol before getting behind the wheel. All too often, innocent drivers or passengers are seriously injured or killed due to another driver's decision to drink and drive.

Trooper seriously injured on highway during traffic stop

Law enforcement officers have one of the more dangerous jobs in the United States. Every day, they face an increased risk of being shot, stabbed or attacked by those whom they approach. But one danger that is often forgotten is that of the average citizen driving to his or her destination. Whether intoxicated, distracted or just plain reckless, citizens have unintentionally injured and killed scores of officers who were just doing their jobs. The issue has grown to such magnitude that many states have created new, harsher laws and penalties designed specifically for people who are involved in such incidents.

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