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February 2014 Archives

Missouri couple wins $975 settlement in trucking accident

Tractor-trailer trucks seem to tower over passenger cars and can be intimidating to other drivers on the road. The size, weight and speed at which tractor-trailers travel increases the potential for serious trucking accidents. As a result, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed special truck driver regulations aimed to keep truckers and other drivers safe.

Will drugged driving lead to more fatal accidents in Missouri?

Although drug laws have been evolving and changing throughout the country lately, marijuana remains illegal in Missouri. The effects of the legalization of marijuana have still yet to be seen, especially any potential effects on public safety.

Fire truck gets into car accident on the way to a fire

Government officials have put several regulations and laws into place regarding the use of vehicles on the Kansas roadways. Although the government and its employees seek to improve roadway safety, they are not immune from being involved in car accidents. Car accidents can occur between any Kansas resident at any time.

Missouri man injured in head-on crash

It should come as no surprise that car crashes could result in catastrophic injuries. Such injuries may include broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain and head injuries. However, even seemingly minor injuries could lead to serious problems. Missouri readers may be interested in the following article.

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