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School chooses safety over cost; adds seat belts to school buses

Buses have been around almost as long as cars, serving the ever-important function of transporting large groups of people at once. School buses transport some of the most precious cargo on the planet - children -- and have been doing so since the early 1900's. While there have been many changes and improvements to the school bus, one that has been lacking in many cities and states around the nation is seat belts.

Product liability: An overview

The United States is a consumer nation, but not every product is made with the same quality and specification. Sometimes, components of a product fail and sometimes the entire product itself does not perform as expected. These fails lead to thousands of injuries every year in the United States alone. Product liability acts as an avenue for consumers to recover damages for their injuries and a motivating tool for companies to ensure their products are safe for the public.

Motorcycle rider fighting for life after street race crash

Motorized vehicles are more than just tools used to transport people and objects from one place in Kansas City to another. Many Kansas City residents have a special connection with their vehicle and have pride in their ownership. The relationship people have with their vehicles may stem from the way it looks to how fast it can reach speeds of 60 mph and beyond. This love has helped found not only customization businesses that specialize in everything from looks to performance, but also events where people show off their and their car's skills. Those who do so on streets, often illegally, are called street racers.

Missouri behind the times in addressing distracted drivers

In the next 50 years the world is sure to change. One likely improvement will be the use of computerized automobile transportation that operates without the aid of humans. Because the vast majority of car accidents are caused by human error, implementation of such a system is likely to save thousands of lives every year. While the work on tomorrow's technology continues, there are still many way individuals and lawmakers alike can help make the streets safer to use.

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