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Missouri collision between motorcycle and truck causes fatality

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, economical and exhilarating. Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous. There are many different causes of motorcycle accidents. Some of them are due to the motorcyclist's own inexperience or recklessness. However, many of them are due to the actions of other drivers, which make it very hard for even experienced drivers to avoid a collision.

Missouri car accident injures three elderly people

Many car crashes are caused by negligence and inattention. Some of the most common car accidents are rear-end collisions because drivers are texting, changing the radio station or otherwise not paying attention and fail to see that the car in front of them has stopped. These collisions are sometimes minor, resulting in only a small amount of damage to the vehicles. Other times, however, they can set off a chain-reaction of collisions or cause serious injuries.

Car defects in Escapes and C-Max Hybrids lead to recall

The list of potential causes of car accidents or injury in motor vehicles is almost unending. In some situations, weather or road conditions may be the culprit. In others, it is driver error or the negligence or recklessness of another driver. And in still other cases, car defects may be to blame. Many car companies initiate recalls when dangerous problems or defects come to light, but these recalls do not always happen or may not happen soon enough. As a result, Missouri residents may find themselves involved in an accident or suffering an injury that never should have happened.

Railway accident critically injures woman in Missouri

Public transportation is designed to make the lives of Missouri residents easier and facilitate efficient movement from place to place. Despite the convenience and environmental benefits of shared transportation, however, public transportation also has its risks. Railway accidents, bus accidents and other related hazards can result in severe injury to passengers and others in many different kinds of situations.

Missouri truck accident involves six vehicles and injures six

Trucks are a necessary and vital part of interstate commerce, but they also create considerable hazards on Missouri roadways. There are many different causes of truck accidents including inattention, fatigue, equipment failure and much more. Unfortunately, the damage and injury caused by a tractor-trailer crash is often more severe than in crashes where a semi-truck is not involved.

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