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How is insurance handled after a car accident?

For those who have been involved in a car accident, there can be a lot of initial shock and trauma. They may have to deal with serious injuries, property damage, police reports and mechanics. On top of all that, they may also have to contact their insurance company or deal with another person's insurance company. Insurance hassles can sometimes become a burden and a source of stress as people try to heal from the damages caused by the car accident.

4 Missouri students injured in bus accident

As summer draws to a close, thousands of Missouri school children are headed back to class. Many of these children will rely on busses to transport them safely to school. Unfortunately, these buses are not immune to accidents. Like all mass transit accidents, school bus accidents have the potential to cause serious damage to passengers and other accident victims.

Understanding how to respond to a car accident

A car accident often happens out of nowhere. People are just driving along when, all of a sudden, the negligent action of another driver causes a wreck. While a car accident may only result in insurance headaches and property damage, it can also cause major damage and significant injuries. When people are not expecting these injuries, they can have a major financial impact.

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