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What steps can be taken to prevent a train derailment?

While many people throughout Missouri and the United States rely on personal vehicles to travel from place to place, mass transit is still widely used. From busses to airplanes and trains, millions of Americans trust mass transit vehicles to get them safely to and from their destinations. In many cases, mass transit vehicles are safe, but when an accident does happen, they can result in serious injuries.

The dangers and risks of speeding in Missouri

When drivers are behind the wheel, they are responsible for upholding Missouri traffic laws. This includes following all post speed limits. While going a few miles-per-hour over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal, it can cause major car accidents. A speeding, or otherwise reckless driver, may not be able to control the person's vehicle, make necessary stops or avoid collisions, like a driver following the speed limit would.

When do pedestrians have the right-of-way in Missouri?

In a recent blog post, this blog highlighted the story of a pedestrian that was killed when hit by a car during a car accident. According to reports, the pedestrian was a bystander to the car accident that occurred in Kansas City. Unfortunately, similar car accidents involving pedestrians happen all the time in Missouri. Drivers get distracted or simply ignore traffic rules and those around the streets suffer.

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