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Kansas City Employment Lawyers Representing Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Generally speaking, employers and employees have become more enlightened as to what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. It is unfortunate that some people do not yet understand that sexual harassment is illegal and can never be condoned or accepted in any work environment. Too often, sexual harassment is accompanied by wrongful termination or retaliation.

If you have lost your job or otherwise been retaliated against because you reported sexual harassment to your supervisor, you have options. An experienced employment attorney can help you fight for the damages you are entitled to under the law. Depending on your circumstances, these damages can include back pay, front pay, reinstatement, damages for emotional distress and even punitive damages.

What Amounts To Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many different forms. One form of sexual harassment, called “quid pro quo,” occurs when a supervisor or co-worker offers to exchange some kind of benefit with a subordinate or colleague in return for sexual favors. Another form of harassment is an ongoing pattern of harassing behavior referred to as a hostile work environment. In a hostile work environment, employees may be subjected to such behaviors as:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Pornography, nude posters or other sexually explicit material
  • Sexually charged comments by co-workers or supervisors
  • Inappropriate jokes or sexual “humor”

The more severe the conduct, or the more often it happens, the stronger the claim for sexual harassment.

If you’re not sure whether what you’re experiencing at work amounts to sexual harassment, talk to our lawyers. We can review your situation and provide knowledgeable guidance based on our extensive experience handling these cases.

Sexual Harassment Vs. Gender-Based Harassment

Sexual harassment encompasses much more than just sexually charged behavior targeted toward one sex. It also includes inappropriate conduct, teasing, jokes or harassment against someone based on their gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender.

Gender-based harassment and discrimination are just as serious as other forms of sexual harassment. We handle all of these types of cases, standing up for employees’ rights to a safe, harassment-free workplace.

How Do I File A Sexual Harassment Claim At Work?

The law requires employers to have policies and procedures in place for employees to report sexual harassment. Talk to your Human Resources department or representative for details about your employer’s policy. Our lawyers can also help you identify the proper route for taking action.

Are Workplace Sexual Harassment Claims Confidential?

It’s understandable to want to protect your identity when you’re reporting something as sensitive as sexual harassment. You shouldn’t have to jeopardize your livelihood or reputation in order to speak up against illegal and unethical conduct.

Depending on the legal process you pursue, there may be steps you can take to protect your privacy. Our attorneys can advise you on the specifics.

Even without confidentiality protections, however, you are still protected from retaliation. Under no circumstances is it okay for your employer to take negative employment action against you in retaliation for your speaking up against sexual harassment. Retaliation is a serious issue that can provide grounds for an additional legal claim.

What You Can Expect In Working With Our Team

When you work with us, our legal team will fully investigate the circumstances of your legal claim. If your employer fired you for rejecting his/her advances or otherwise made your work life difficult, we may be able to pursue a wrongful discharge claim.

Understand that employers are going to fight these allegations to the end. So will we. We will look over all of the evidence to fully establish that your employer could have taken steps to prevent sexual harassment.

Carter Law Offices has built a record of success taking on major corporations, government entities and employers. We will not be intimidated. Rather, we will be dedicated to achieving results and accomplishing your goals.

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