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Accidents Caused By Air Bag Defect Or Failure

Drivers and passengers involved in car accidents can be put at most risk, especially if parts of the vehicle do not operate properly in a collision. One of the most critical components of accident safety in your vehicle is the air bag. If the air bag is defective or simply does not operate properly, the resulting injuries can be serious — if not fatal. Perhaps the most infamous defective airbag recall involved the Takata airbag, many of which were installed in Toyota vehicles, as well as other manufacturers.  If you or a loved one has been injured in this type of accident, you can turn to our law firm for guidance.

At Carter Law Offices, our Kansas City air bag failure lawyers will use their resources and knowledge to help your family recover benefits and compensation for your injuries. Our firm serves those who have been injured in auto accidents from auto defects.

Defective Air Bags and Auto Accidents

If an auto accident was caused by a defective product, it is important to get an experienced lawyer to help you with your case. The lawyer must preserve evidence quickly, examine specific factors such as speed and road conditions, and know how to establish fault for the defective product. This can establish a claim against the manufacturer and a claim for your injuries. A faulty or defective air bag can cause a multitude of injuries, including:

  • Bruising and scarring
  • Head trauma
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Brain injuries

Our Experienced Legal Team

We focus on helping people who have been injured in auto accidents every day of the year. Our team consists of a trial attorney with 30 years of experience, a registered nurse and a doctor of chiropractic. Our combined legal and medical staff helps us get our clients the maximum benefits, financial compensation and medical treatment necessary to cover immediate and future costs. At our firm, your interests are directly aligned with ours.

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Our law firm has extensive experience with auto accident cases, including those involving air bag failure. To schedule a consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys, we invite you to contact our firm online or by calling 816-283-3500. Your first consultation, of course, is on us. We will help you get on the path to recovery after an auto accident.