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Accidents Caused By Defective Tires

If a defective tire is the cause of an auto accident, it often results in a multi-car collision. Collisions involving multiple vehicles can cause serious injuries and result in a complex claim. These are times when you could really use a strong advocate on your side. Our legal team can provide the help you need.

We are the legal team at Carter Law Offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and we represent people who have been injured in accidents from defective products in cars. Since 1996, our firm has provided helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate guidance for clients. We believe in doing the right thing, no matter how challenging that may be.

Accidents Involving Defective Tires

Tires defects can come from excessive air leaks, losing treads or blowouts at high speeds. The defect can often be traced back to the manufacturer or maker of the tire, holding the company responsible for either not recalling the product or taking action to replace the defective tire. In order to prove the company’s negligence, it is important to work with a lawyer who has a full range of skills and is experienced in handling auto accident claims. The legal team at Carter Law Offices has what you need.

Our tire defect lawyer is a veteran in the courtroom and will fight on your behalf until your case is closed. We utilize all available resources to help build our client’s case and always prepare to take matters to trial. Preparing thoroughly for trial allows us to better protect our clients’ rights.

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If you suffered an injury due to a tire defect in Kansas City, you probably have a number of questions and concerns, and you probably want to speak with someone who will be looking out for your best interests. At our firm, you will find that attorney. Please call 816-283-3500 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. The first consultation is on us.