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Were You Attacked By A Vicious Dog Or Another Animal?

Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets. When a dog bites someone and causes an injury, the victim can make a claim against the dog owner for injuries and damages done. Pet owners often have insurance policies (homeowners or renters) which insure against dog bite claims. If you have been bit by a dog, it is important to talk to personal injury attorney familiar with dog bite laws in Missouri, or wherever your accident occurred.

The Carter Law Offices regularly represents dog bite victims throughout the Kansas City area. To learn how we can help you pursue compensation for medical bills, disfigurement and scarring, lost wages, and other damages, contact a dog bite attorney in Kansas City today at 816-283-3500 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Animal Attack Injuries

Children are often the victims of dog bites. Dogs tend to attack them more often because of their smaller size.

In severe dog bite injury cases, serious scarring and disfigurement may occur. Dog bites may crush bones and cause soft tissue injuries. Serious infections also sometimes result from even minor dog bites. Intense medical treatment, including trauma counseling, may be needed to treat damage from a dog bite. Here are some steps to take if you’ve been bitten.

Missouri Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite laws in Missouri favor the dog bite victim. In the past, it had to be shown that dog had a tendency to bite before the victim could seek compensation. Today the dog bite victim may be eligible for compensation even if the dog has never bit anyone before. Our firm can explain what dog bite laws apply in your case, whether you live in Missouri or Kansas.

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