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What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A Vicious Dog Or Another Animal

Dog and other animal bites frequently cause serious injuries and may even be fatal. These events are often traumatic, especially for children who are bitten. In addition to the physical damage that animal victims sustain, they may suffer psychological damage as well. Part of the reason dog bites are so terrifying is because they are unexpected. It is hard to know what to do if you’ve been bitten by a vicious dog or another animal.

The attorneys at the Carter Law Offices in Kansas City, Missouri, have extensive experience representing individuals in dog bite claims. Our first concern is always your well-being. We want to help reduce your stress so you can heal, while making sure your legal rights are protected.

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Steps to Take During and After a Dog Mauling

Here are some steps to take to protect yourself and your rights if you’ve been mauled by a dog.

During the attack: If you are attacked by a dog, avoid eye contact and sudden movements. Try not to pull away. Many dog breeds, such as Rottweilers, German shepherds, and Dobermans, are very strong and are difficult to pull away from. Certain breeds, such as pit bulls, are genetically wired to hold on. You may also cause more damage to yourself by attempting to twist or yank yourself free. If you have access to a stick or other long object, try to put it into the mouth of the dog, this will make the dog feel as though it is gagging and it will let go.

Immediately after the attack: While it may be difficult to remember to do this, you should try following these steps immediately after the attack:

  • Photograph the dog
  • Obtain the name and contact information of the dog’s owner or guardian
  • If there are any witnesses, obtain their names and contact information as well
  • Take photos of your injuries before and after getting medical attention
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call an experienced dog mauling lawyer

Because dogs and other animals have many bacteria in their mouths, bites are highly susceptible to infection. It is also important to protect yourself against rabies and other serious diseases, which may be transmitted by a dog bite.

A Kansas City Lawyer For Victims Of Dog Bites

Since 1996, the attorneys at Carter Law Offices have been successfully representing personal injury victims, including local residents who have been attacked by a dog. We are meticulous in our preparation and personable in our service. To set up a consultation at no cost to you, call 816-283-3500. You can also contact our firm online.