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Accidents Caused By Defective Automobiles

When you purchase a vehicle, you put faith in the product. Whether you drive a compact car, SUV or 15-passenger van, you believe that your vehicle will protect you and your family should you be in an accident. Unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of accidents come from automobile defects. When this happens, your car accident claim becomes even more difficult — which is when you will need an experienced Kansas City attorney standing by your side.

At our law firm, we are determined to help make a difference in your situation. Carter Law Offices is located in Kansas City and represents individuals who have been injured in auto accidents from car and product defects across Missouri.

Skilled Injury Lawyers Working on Your Team

Car defect injury claims can be very complex because they can actually consist of two different claims: one having to do with the injury/cause of the injury and one having to do with the defective product. Our experienced professionals will examine the evidence of your case, get a clear picture of the situation, and use the evidence to help maximize benefits for your injuries. Our Kansas City auto defects lawyers represent people who have been injured in car accidents from auto defects such as:

We have an entire legal team who is ready to help you begin your recovery. We are led by an experienced trial attorney who has 30 years of experience, a registered nurse and a doctor of chiropractic. Our rounded legal team can help you with all aspects of your claim — from getting the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries to getting the proper medical treatment you need.

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If you were injured due to a manufacturing or design defect, our attorneys can help you hold the manufacturer responsible for its negligence. We invite you to contact our firm at 816-283-3500 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.