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Health Care Fraud And Abuse In Missouri Nursing Homes

Believe it or not, it is not just caregivers and nursing home providers who can abuse the elderly. Health care providers can also take advantage of the elderly through health care fraud and abuse. At a time when the elderly are most vulnerable both physically and financially, rather than providing these patients with care and compassion, health care providers are engaging in financial exploitation of the elderly.

At the Carter Law Offices, we can provide the legal protection you are looking for from one of our compassionate and experienced health care fraud and abuse lawyers. Not all law firms have specific experience with elder law cases. Our attorneys do and are knowledgeable with the applicable state laws and statutes. In fact, one of our attorneys, Doug Carter, has chaired the Nursing Home Negligence Committee of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association.

Do you suspect your parent or elderly family member is a victim of health care fraud? Let the Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyers help you seek justice. We offer free case evaluations, contact us today.

How To Recognize Health Care Fraud and Exploitation

Health care fraud and abuse of the elderly can be done by doctors, nurses, hospitals, administrators and any other type of health care professional or facility. In addition, insurance companies can also be guilty of giving the “run-around” to the elderly, taking advantage of their vulnerable state and financially exploiting them.

According to the nonprofit resource, health care fraud can include:

  • Overbilling or double-billing for a medical service or device
  • Overmedicating or undermedicating
  • Providing inadequate or substandard care after full payment
  • Poor conditions at a health care facility, including inadequately trained staff
  • Overcrowding of a health care facility
  • No response to questions about care, devices or procedures
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Kickbacks and referrals

We are adept at identifying elder exploitation and abuse. We have a registered nurse on staff to help us catch issues that could be missed.

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If your loved one is suffering from elder abuse, whether financial, physical or psychological, in the Kansas City area, contact Carter Law Offices today by calling 816-283-3500 or send an email.

Our attorneys are compassionate to your legal needs. We are ready to discuss your case and the signs of elder abuse with you. We extend a free case evaluation and work on a contingency fee.