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Bed Sores And Pressure Ulcers May Be A Sign Of Nursing Home Neglect

The term “bed sore” doesn’t do justice to these extremely dangerous wounds. If your loved one has developed bed sores (pressure ulcers) in a nursing home setting, it is a glaring sign of negligent care and should be addressed immediately.

The Kansas City bed sores lawyers of Carter Law Offices hold nursing homes accountable for this inexcusable neglect. With the aid of experienced, in-house registered nurses, our attorneys have secured compensation for dozens of elderly patients suffering from all stages of bed sores and related medical complications. Call us today at 816-283-3500 for a free initial consultation.

What Are Bedsores And Why Do They Happen?

Also known as a pressure sore, pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer, a bed sore is a breakdown of the skin tissues around any bony prominence, such as the tailbone, hips, elbows or heels. The most common cause is unrelieved pressure and restricted blood flow from lying or sitting in one position for extended periods.

In a well-run nursing home, a patient who is prone to pressure ulcers should be turned or repositioned at least every two hours. Unfortunately, many care facilities lack the adequate staffing and culture of accountability to ensure this basic care.

A Serious Injury That Will Only Get Worse

Pressure ulcers develop in four progressive phases:

  • Stage I — Skin is reddened but doesn’t blanch (doesn’t turn white when you poke it).
  • Stage II — The top layer of the skin (dermis) is breached, seen as a blister or abrasion.
  • Stage III — The full thickness of the skin is breached, exposing underlying tissues.
  • Stage IV — The gaping wound goes all the way through to muscle, tendons or bone.

Bed sores can be horribly painful, and harder to heal at each successive stage. If not diagnosed early and aggressively treated, the festering wounds can become chronically infected and life-threatening. Complications can include sepsis (blood infections), gangrene, nerve damage, blood clots and other serious conditions.

We Hold Negligent Nursing Homes Accountable Through Aggressive Litigation

At Carter Law Offices, our legal team includes an RN on staff to help assess the extent of the injury and reveal the substandard care. Along with accomplished attorney Doug Carter, they examine patient records, staffing levels, employee backgrounds and similar claims against the nursing home to build a case for monetary damages. Our successes in nursing home litigation have led to changes in the way some facilities treat and prevent bed sores.

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If your loved one has suffered injury while in the care of a nursing home, take action. Contact our law office online or call 816-283-3500 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Doug Carter. We serve the greater Kansas City area in both Kansas and Missouri. House calls and nursing home visits are available upon request.