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Accidents Caused By Delivery Trucks

Most delivery drivers never meant to hurt anybody. But they are often overworked. They have a schedule to meet and they feel rushed. In conditions like these, accidents are likely to happen — serious accidents that can make a big impact on victims as well as their families.

At the Carter Law Offices, our delivery truck accident attorneys represent people injured in delivery truck accidents, helping them take action in civil courts throughout Missouri and Kansas. Our lawyers take a thorough approach to the cases we handle. We prepare them for trial while negotiating favorable settlements that can help our clients move forward with their lives.

Comprehensive Legal Support For Accident Victims

When we take delivery truck accident cases, attorneys at our Kansas City law firm often begin with a thorough review of all the facts and laws involved. We consider many things that may have caused the delivery truck driver to rush:

  • The driver’s actual schedule. Were deliveries scheduled too closely together for the driver to have reached them while complying with all traffic regulations?
  • Who called in sick that day. When one driver calls in sick, the other drivers have to pick up his or her work. This often means that each driver has more work than they can complete safety.
  • What witnesses say. Other drivers and people who received deliveries can often tell us about a delivery driver’s behavior. Interviewing them can give us clues about whether the driver was overworked, intoxicated or unsafe on the day of the accident.
  • Actual stops and times. By examining when and where the actual stops were made, it is possible to tell how fast the driver was going before the accident.

Making Sense Of Complicated Matters

Delivery truck wrecks are complicated matters. They aren’t just black and white, but have many grey areas — many details that must be determined before an effective jury verdict or settlement can be reached.

The commercial vehicle company is often just as responsible as the driver when an accident occurs. Sometimes there are other important factors involved, too, like distracted driving or driving while impaired. We may obtain cell phone records or the records for other portable devices, to see if they were in use at the time. Step by step, little by little, we pull together the details of a case — helping discover the truth about a wreck.

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