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Are You Facing A Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is an environment in which an employee feels harassed, intimidated or oppressed, and his or her ability to work is subsequently affected. Lewd comments by a co-worker, offensive conduct by a manager, or mistreatment or humiliation by a co-worker are all examples of conduct that may create a hostile work environment. If the employer fails to correct the situation after it has been reported, the employer may be held responsible.

At Carter Law Offices, our employment law attorneys stand up for employees who have experienced harassment, discrimination or retaliation at work. Remember, you do not have to put up with such behavior at work. Let us explain and enforce your rights.

If you are facing harassment at work, call our employee rights lawyers today for a free initial consultation at 816-897-7772 in Kansas City.

Legal Protection From A Hostile Work Environment

State and federal laws protect employees from sexual harassment, verbal abuse or physical abuse at work, and other actions that create a hostile work environment. Our firm’s lawyers are familiar with all the laws that protect workers, and they can explain what legal options are available in your case. You do not have to put up with offensive language or behavior at work. We can take steps to stop that behavior, hold your employer responsible and seek compensation on your behalf. Our employer harassment attorneys are prepared to stand by your side in negotiations or at trial in an effort to protect your employee rights.

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If you have experienced a hostile work environment, our employment lawyers can help you put a stop to you. To schedule a free consultation at our law firm, contact us online or call 816-897-7772.