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Are You Facing A Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is an environment in which an employee feels harassed, intimidated or oppressed, and his or her ability to work is subsequently affected. Lewd comments by a co-worker, offensive conduct by a manager, or mistreatment or humiliation by a co-worker are all examples of conduct that may create a hostile work environment. If the employer fails to correct the situation after it has been reported, the employer may be held responsible.

At Carter Law Offices, our employment law attorneys stand up for employees who have experienced harassment, discrimination or retaliation at work. Remember, you do not have to put up with such behavior at work. Let us explain and enforce your rights.

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Legal Protection From A Hostile Work Environment

State and federal laws protect employees from sexual harassment, verbal abuse or physical abuse at work, and other actions that create a hostile work environment. Our firm’s lawyers are familiar with all the laws that protect workers, and they can explain what legal options are available in your case. You do not have to put up with offensive language or behavior at work. We can take steps to stop that behavior, hold your employer responsible and seek compensation on your behalf. Our employer harassment attorneys are prepared to stand by your side in negotiations or at trial in an effort to protect your employee rights.

Hostile Work Environment FAQs

At Carter Law Offices, we have stood by the side of many employees who have faced harassment, discrimination and mistreatment in a hostile work environment. We have noticed many of our clients have similar questions, including:

What specific behaviors constitute offensive conduct in the workplace?

Legally actionable offensive conduct in the workplace can involve a wide range of behaviors that can be considered discriminatory due to a person’s protected characteristics, such as their age (40 through 69), sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry or disability.

Offensive conduct can include verbal harassment, physical touching or interference with their job duties, unwanted sexual advances, patterns of intimidation, microaggressions, exclusion and marginalization. Employees could also experience offensive workplace behaviors online through inappropriate imagery, videos, calls or digital stalking.

What legal obligations do employers have to address and prevent hostile work environments?

Businesses can take preemptive measures to prevent and reduce hostile work environments through robust anti-discrimination policies, anti-harassment training and clear, ethical guidance.

When an employee makes allegations about a hostile work environment, an employer is required to investigate the issue and take corrective action. Numerous federal laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Equal Pay Act (EPA) provide employees with robust protections and obligate employers to stamp out hostile work environments. In addition, Missouri’s Human Rights Act (MHRA) goes beyond the federal rules, expanding upon the classes of protected workers.

What protections are in place for employers who report hostile work environments?

Many of our clients fear they will be fired for reporting toxic conduct and hostile work environments. Employees are protected from retaliatory actions, including unwelcome changes in schedules, movements to new departments, demotions, firings and other retaliatory actions. If an employer responds to an employee’s complaint about discrimination and hostility in the workplace by punishing the victim, they may face an additional lawsuit.

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