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Truck Accidents Caused By Truck Driver Employer Negligence

Representing personal injury victims against big trucking companies is often like David taking on Goliath. Trucking companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to escape responsibility for truck accidents. They have teams of attorneys, insurance professionals, political lobbyists and accident experts, all working hard to reduce the amount of money trucking companies may have to pay in a lawsuit.

Compared to big trucking and insurance companies, just about any plaintiffs’ law firm will look relatively small. But at the Carter Law Offices, our employer negligence attorneys are armed not only with our team of lawyers, medical professionals and other support staff. We also have many laws and regulations on our side. With our team fighting for you, the Goliaths in this world do fall. We work hard to do the right thing for personal injury victims against any defendant, large or small.

When Trucking Companies Are Negligent

Many of the truck accident cases we handle involve big trucking companies that were negligent when hiring truck drivers or in managing them. There are many ways that this can happen:

  • Negligent hiring of drivers
  • Failing to complete background checks on drivers
  • Failing to complete drug and alcohol testing when needed
  • Failing to properly train drivers
  • Failing to properly supervise drivers
  • Forcing truck drivers to drive when fatigued
  • Improperly maintaining or inspecting trucks
  • Overloading trucks

When we handle your case, we will thoroughly investigate not only the truck driver’s own negligence. We will also investigate employer negligence. Our attorneys get the names, addresses and contact information of all drivers and all vehicle owners involved. We get insurance policy information from all vehicle owners. We also take note of the weather, lighting and road conditions at the scene. If an ambulance was called to the scene of a wreck, we contact the EMTs and talk with them about what they saw. All of this evidence can be important when holding a trucking company accountable for the personal injury or wrongful death of a truck accident victim.

Contact Us About Your Trucking Accident

Because memories fade and critical evidence can be lost, it is important for folks to contact us as soon as possible after a truck accident. Give us a call at 816-283-3500 or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation with an employer negligence attorney in Kansas City.