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Accidents Caused By Overloaded Trucks Or Unsecured Loads

Extensive federal and state regulations place limits on exactly how much a tractor trailer can carry and how it should be loaded. Unfortunately, trucking companies don’t always follow directions. At the Carter Law Offices, in Kansas City, Missouri, we represent truck accident victims in cases that involve overloaded trucks or unsecured loads.

Our clients may be folks who were hurt when cargo shifted and caused a truck to jackknife or roll as it made a tight turn. They may also be folks who were hurt by materials that flew out of open-topped trucks, like dump trucks, and off of flat bed trucks.

Our overloaded truck accident attorneys in Kansas City also handle cases involving drivers hauling liquid loads without the required training. Because of the nature of a liquid load — like gasoline or milk — it can be difficult to break quickly and effectively. This can lead to serious truck accidents.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident caused by an unsecured load or overloaded semitruck or tractor-trailer, call 816-283-3500 now for a free consultation.

An Experienced Lawyer For Truck Accidents Caused by Unsecured Load

The truth is that most truck accident cases — even ones involving serious wrecks — never go to trial. In fact, your case may be settled without ever reaching the inside of a courtroom. So why is it important to work with a good trial lawyer? Favorable settlement offers come from being ready to go to trial. When insurance companies know that your lawyer is ready to go to court and win, they are more likely to take actions that keep that from happening.

At the Carter Law Offices, we’ve received countless settlement offers from insurance companies and their attorneys who didn’t want to see us in the courtroom. They knew that we were strong trial lawyers and that we’d done the work necessary to win. Our clients benefited from our hard work in that they got compensation for their injuries without having to endure the stress of a trial.

If those insurance companies hadn’t been willing to settle, however, we would have been ready to fight hard at trial. Attorney Doug Carter has been handling litigation for decades. He knows exactly which strategies to use in order to achieve the best possible results in the courtroom.

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