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Types Of Car Accidents

Immediately following an auto accident, you may wonder who to turn to for assistance. If you are injured, you likely have questions about getting medical treatment and need guidance from an experienced lawyer who will stand up for your rights. When you have concerns, we will be here to walk you through the process of filing your claim.

We are Carter Law Offices and we represent individuals and families who have been injured in all types of car accidents. Our firm is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and we represent clients throughout all the surrounding areas. We have significant experience helping those who have been injured in a wide range of auto accidents including multicar accidents, rear-end collisions and T-bone accidents.

Experienced Representation For Victims Of Multicar Accidents

Being involved in a car accident involving multiple vehicles can be extremely overwhelming. If you are injured, your first concern is likely getting treatment for your injuries. After that, you may be unsure of what you need to do. You may have questions about who to turn to and who you can trust. We want you to know that at Carter Law Offices, we do the right thing for folks — you can trust our services.

Multicar collisions can be extremely challenging. When multiple vehicles are involved, multiple insurance adjusters and companies are involved. Insurance companies will pin fault on other drivers and try to get you to settle for much less than your claim is worth. This is why you should have an experienced legal advocate to stand up on your behalf.

Hit From Behind? We Have Extensive Experience With Rear-End Collisions.

An accident such as a rear-end collision may seem like an easy one to deal with. You might even think “We don’t need to involve a lawyer, everything will be fine.” All too many of these situations can wind up costing you time, stress and money in the future. If you have been involved in an accident like this, you can turn to an attorney at our firm for help. We are here to help make a difference.

Rear-end collisions can cause a number of injuries. If the impact is great, injuries could include traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, scarring, bruising, disfigurement or the loss of a limb. Less severe impacts can still greatly impact an individual, causing head, neck and shoulder pain or soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. The full extent of these injuries may not become apparent for some time after the accident. It is important, therefore, that you work proactively to protect your rights from the moment of the accident onward.

A Strong Advocate For T-Bone Accident Victims

T-bone accidents often cause extensive property damage and serious injuries to both drivers and passengers in the vehicles. Drivers or passengers hit from the side may suffer internal injuries, soft tissue injuries, bruising, broken bones or head injuries. Head-on collisions can often lead to head trauma, and head, neck and shoulder injuries.

T-bone accidents can be caused by any number of circumstances, including icy conditions, failure to yield and failure to stop at a red light.

How Our People Can Help

One of the strongest qualities about our firm is our people: our attorneys, our on-staff registered nurse and doctor of chiropractic, our paralegals and support staff. When folks come into our office after an accident and retain our services, they get an entire team of support. Doug Carter has 30 years of legal experience and is a veteran in the courtroom. He works on the same team as his clients, not against them. We watch out for your personal, physical and financial well-being, and strive to help gain the maximum amount of benefits for your injuries. You can count on the team at Carter Law Offices.

Contact Our Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been hurt in any type of auto accident, our experienced attorneys are ready to help. We have the skills and the resources to provide comprehensive legal support in even the most complex and challenging situations.

To schedule a consultation with our law firm, contact us online or call 816-283-3500. Your first consultation is on us. We look forward to speaking with you.