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I-70, I-35, I-435 Pileups Cause 140 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter White-Out Storm in Kansas City Leaves Dozens Injured

Yesterday, a winter storm caused three pileups endangering hundreds of people in the Kansas City Area. Lenexa was the site of a 30-car pileup Sunday as a storm blinded drivers on I-35. On I-435 in Kansas City, motorists fared no better as 40 cars were in a snarled logjam.

The blizzard hit I-70 the worst: as many as 70 cars were involved in a single pileup. Kansas Department of Transportation (DOT) reported many other multiple-car accidents along I-70, as well. Luckily, no fatalities have been reported in any of Sunday’s traffic snarls and most drivers escaped with only minor injuries.

Winter Storms Leave Motorists Vulnerable

While blizzards leave Kansas City Interstate drivers susceptible to pileups, most drivers reduce their speeds when conditions cause low visibility and the resulting crashes typically aren’t quite as devastating. However, the most deadly motor vehicle accidents occur when motorists are travelling at higher speeds and lose control from snow or ice or on the roadway.

No drivers are immune from the icy road conditions this time of year. Earlier today, a Kansas City firetruck slid into a school bus. Fortunately, the collision was low-speed and only caused minor injuries to two children. The area has experienced an unusually high number of school bus accidents this school year, hopefully this crash will be the last of the New Year.

Remember to Slow Down, Keep Safe Distances

While the weather is out of the control of motorists, there are a few things drivers can do to protect themselves and their families.

  • Slow down – posted speed limits are the top speed that car should travel at in ideal driving conditions. In Missouri winters, the conditions tend to be less than ideal.
  • Keep your distance – the more room you leave between you and the vehicle in front of you, the more time you have to safely slow down if needed.

While we all hope this hard-hitting winter is short, remember to take your time and expect delayed commutes.