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More teen drivers died in 2012 than previous year

There is of course the possibility that any driver on the road could be involved in a car accident. Despite this reality, there are groups of drivers that historically pose a bigger risk of being involved in these types of situations. In addition to the elderly, this group includes teen drivers.

According to a recent report, concerns regarding the latter group are well founded. Nationwide, in the first half of 2012 saw an increase in the number of teenagers who were 16 and 17-years-old who died in motor vehicle accidents, as compared to the same period of time the previous year. The increase of 19 percent, from 202 to 240, marks the first time it has gone up in the past 10 years. The study did not focus on what is causing the numbers to rise.

A variety of factors are believed to have played a role in the number of teen driving deaths dropping over the course of the last decade or so, including restrictions concerning the number of individuals in the car and times of day in which teens can drive. Though as mentioned above the study did not look into what is causing the number of teen traffic deaths to increase, some believe that portable electronic devices like cellphones are playing a role.

Most individuals who are harmed or lose a loved one in a fatal auto accident are primarily focused on healing or dealing with the death of the person they love. Along with those healing and grieving processes, expenses often mount. For that reason some find that filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is helpful.

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