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NHTSA announces new car defect rule

Sometimes it seems as if every time one turns around another car is being recalled. On some occasions the recall is due to only a minor car defect. Other times however, the problem is serious and in the worst cases could result in death. With so many recalls out there it can be difficult to keep track of the ones worth paying attention to. A rule that was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides an easier way for consumers in Missouri to keep track of recalls that could pertain to their vehicles.

The information should be quite simple to obtain using the websites of each carmaker. Each website will need to provide a search feature that will make it possible to easily search for recall information that is current. Searches would be specific to each car, utilizing the vehicle identification number. In addition to adding the feature to their websites, carmakers must also keep the information up-to-date.

There are several ways in which the change could impact motor vehicle defects. In addition to providing information regarding used cars to potential purchasers, it will also be easier for owners of vehicles to learn if their specific make and model is included in the recall, or if the problem prompting the recall has been addressed.

This change, which many believe should have been made some time ago, will not be a big deal for some carmakers. This is due to the fact that many automobile manufacturers already have a system like this setup.

While fixing a defective car is of course important, it is even more important to hold carmakers responsible when someone is hurt as a result of that defect. Most find the easiest way to handle this is via a products liability lawsuit.

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