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Students from Missouri school injured in bus accident

Buses play an important role in transporting large groups of people. Depending on the type of bus, it may be used to transport students to and from school, or longer distances, including across the country. Sometimes buses are chartered by a group for a specific trip. Recently, students from a school in Missouri were being transported by a charter bus when it was involved in a crash.

The incident occurred on I-70 and did not involve any other vehicles. Specifics regarding how the crash occurred are not known. What is known is that some of the bus’ passengers were injured in the incident. Accordingly, they were taken to an area hospital for treatment. Thankfully none of them were seriously hurt.

The students involved in the crash attend the Missouri School for the Deaf. They were in the process of being transported from the school, where they lived during the school year, to their homes when the crash occurred. The ages of the children are not known though they were thought to range from high school to elementary. In all, there were between 15 and 17 students on the bus. In addition, a minimum of two chaperones were also on board.

As we stated earlier, it is unclear what caused the bus accident to happen. There are many possible reasons for it ranging from defects with the bus to driver error. They cause will likely be uncovered in an investigation. That investigation could have a bearing on whether any personal injury lawsuits will be filed.

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